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Apollo Art

Apollo Art Offers the Freedom to Discover, Curate, and Share Art Like Never Before

Early this month, the art world touched down in Miami for one of the biggest weeks on the calendar. There for the Art Basel Miami Beach fair and its powerful orbit of satellite fairs, exhibitions, events, and happenings, an international crowd of artists, collectors, creatives, and art lovers gathered to see new works, with a dash of being seen, too.

More than in any prior years, there was a noticeable presence of digital art—whether at the fairs, NFT festivals, or exhibitions at museums like The Bass or PAMM, as well as new kinds of custom surfaces especially created for displaying visual art. One noteworthy installation was at Gaucho in the Design District. There on custom-built displays was a curated art collection, designed specifically to be in line with the brand’s desired store aesthetic. Behind that installation—now permanently on view—was the new art application, Apollo. The platform offers immediate accessibility to art, from anywhere in the world, through an app, custom displays, or various partnerships.

Courtesy of Apollo Art.

The art world is known for its opacity and barriers to entry, as is the nascent but developing Web3 space, despite either’s claim of democratization. Artists have been able to reach a wider audience through social media applications, and likewise, the possibility of discovery and content for collectors, galleries, and institutions has grown exponentially online. But Apollo breaks that down even further, allowing users to discover, share, and connect with the art they love and didn’t know they loved yet.

Apollo is built for a variety of users—artists, collectors, gallerists, curators, art lovers, and institutions. Much like your favorite music streaming application, it allows you to create visual playlists of what you’re looking at now, and share that with the world. It’s not about ownership—this is not another art sales platform—it’s about enjoying what you like. With its data-based algorithm, it suggests artists or other content creators you may like, offering a free flow of inspiration you can’t find anywhere else.

Courtesy of Apollo Art.

For artists, that means a chance to showcase your work in your own voice, allowing you to connect with potential collectors, curators, gallerists, like-minded creatives, and anyone in between. Any kind of work can be showcased, along with behind-the-scenes video content to express your process and ideas. For gallerists or museums, Apollo playlists could be made for an upcoming exhibition or fair presentation. For collectors, it’s a chance to see work from anywhere in the world, by anyone in the world, customized to your eye and taste. Just as you might move from one album of a musician you love to another by someone you’ve not heard of on a streaming service, Apollo leads you from your most recently searched visual artist to another that might inspire you the same way.

Courtesy of Apollo Art.

Art Playlists created on Apollo can be accessed and showcased on any display—your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV. Apollo’s Premier Displays take this one step further, with specially crafted and custom-built displays for your home, office, store, or event. 

At the heart of it, Apollo is a chance for anyone who has ever felt intimidated by the art world to finally take part—no entrance fees to museums, no cold greetings at a stark white gallery, and no need for a gallery show to showcase your latest sculpture or painting. Apollo is quite simply for everyone, because everyone deserves a chance to experience the power and beauty of art.   

Courtesy of Apollo Art.
Courtesy of Apollo Art.




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