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Art New York and Context New York Seamlessly Mix Established Secondary and Fresh Primary Markets

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Art Miami is jointly presenting this week at Pier 94 the second edition of Art New York and first edition of Context New York. One of the determining characteristics of both fairs is a combination of galleries representing established artists along with more experimental spaces representing emerging artists, many of whom captivated our attention.

At Art New York, collectors seeking to tap into the secondary market will be pleased to find at Rosenfeld Gallery large oil on canvase paintings by Paul Jenkins, works on paper by Keith Haring and Jean MichelBasquiat, a 1984 acrylic on canvas of Andy Warhol’s Perrier Bottles, and an edition of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s “Hall of thirty three bays” series. Gallery Dellaive is also featuring a collection of circular pieces by Takashi Murakami and Sam Francis, while OTCA is showing a 2001 triptych by Sigmar Polke. Street art aficionados should not miss the two large-scale smiley coppers by Banksy at Smith Davidson gallery.

Sandra Lee Gallery

Many artists on the rise can be spotted at Gallerie Bellefeuille, which is showing five different editions of Joshua Jensen Nagle’s aerial beach photography series Ipanema and a mixed media panel by André Monet, Starman. paying tribute to the late David Bowie. Op-art enthusiasts should look for C. Grimaldis Gallery, which is featuring an impressive series of works by Korean artist, Chul Hyun Ahn. The organic works of the rapidly growing Mexican artist Bosco Sodi are not to be missed at Galleria Carles Taché. Across from the Barcelonan gallery, Gallerie Linz is showing three fascinating coral reef-looking sculptures incorporating pop culture imagery by French, Brooklyn-based artist, Amélie Chabannes. Also intriguing are Isabel Van Zeijl’s pixelized self-portraits referencing Renaissance portraiture, on view at Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

Before reaching Context, one can discover the award-winning actor Adrien Brody‘s series, “Hooked,” at Art New York in conjunction with Benrimon Projects as part of Art New York Special Projects.

Alexander Calder

Next to Art New York, Context New York is displaying a very international selection of galleries, in which Berlin’s presence particularly shines. Five contemporary galleries have been selected by a panel of Berlin-based curators and critics, among which is Berlin Lounge featuring Boris Lurie in collaboration with the Jewish Museum (Berlin) and the Boris Luria Art Foundation; Schmalfuss Berlin is showing Anke Eilergerhard’s experimental silicone sculptural pieces; and Läkemäker is showing works by Lev Khesin, Hans Ticha, and Chris Newman.

Aside from an expected edginess, Context also chose to favor the representation of politically engaged art, notably through Sandra Lee Gallery showing Fidia Falaschetti’s respective Twitter, Youtube and Instagram Social Security Cameras, and with environmentally themed photography by Luco Marziale at TBD Independent Projects, or party-political pieces such as art group Blue and Joy’s project Donald Trump does not exist (2016) on view at Galleria Ca’d’Oro. The piece consists of 600 skin spray pigmented aluminum post-its featuring the candidate’s finest quotes.

“Two Men, Two Pyramids”



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