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Marc Dennis

With ArtStar, Chrissy Crawford Offers Accessible Prints by Contemporary Artists

Looking to get the art-lover in your life a special work this holiday season, but can’t grasp the extreme price tags of originals, like we saw at last week’s auctions? Enter ArtStar, the online platform for discovering and acquiring contemporary art that was founded by Chrissy Crawford in 2010.

ArtStar hosts a curated selection of fine art prints, photography, and original works with the help of art market experts. Currently available are pieces by Kimberly Genevieve, Nick Cave, Mickalene Thomas, Marc Dennis, Maria Piesis, Andrea Mary Marshall, and more.

Chrissy Crawford Portrait by Michelle Kappeler

Whitewall spoke with Crawford about building her own collection, how she’s helping others build theirs, and about that time Keith Haring helped her win a student council race.

WHITEWALL:  How did you start collecting?

Marc Dennis Marc Dennis’ The Exuberant Garden
Courtesy of ArtStar

CHRISSY CRAWFORD: My mother is an interiors designer. She took me to all of the galleries and frame shops when she was working on clients’ homes. I wanted my own little collection and she would let me pick a few things (mostly posters) to cultivate my love of art and to keep me busy when she was working.

WW: What’s the first piece you bought? Do you still own it?

Kimberly Genevieve Kimberly Genevieve’s Glitter Sandwich
Courtesy of ArtStar

CC: My first ” piece” was a Keith Haring poster at age 10. I had no idea who he was, but I loved it. I ran for student council at 11 and had my mom draw Haring figures on all of my posters. The other kids were slightly confused, but I still won.

WW: ArtStar is all about discovery—where’s your favorite place to discover new talent?

Nick Cave Nick Cave’s Punching Bag
Courtesy of ArtStar

CC: Art fairs. We travel to art fairs around the world to see what’s new and how people are responding to the work. You can see which artists people are photographing and the red dots on the walls showing how work is selling. Art can be very regional and art fairs are a great
opportunity to see what is influencing artists in each country. I also find artists on Instagram. Social media is now a powerful took for emerging artists to show their work. I can see a show in LA through social media without traveling to the gallery.

WW: ArtStar’s editions offers emerging collector a more accessible price point for collecting contemporary work. What is your advice for budding collectors?

CC: My advice is to start slowly. It’s a mistake to buy everything at once or spend your budget on one piece. Your taste will evolve over time as you see more artists’ work.

WW:  What is the most recent piece you fell in love with?

CC: Holton Rower‘s pour paintings. I just bought one for my home. I love his process and colors.

WW: What’s a show you’ve seen recently that you’re still thinking about?

CC: Adam Parker Smith‘s sculpture at The Hole in New York. He has a sense of humor and I love anything pop art related. The Hole goes all out with their exhibitions and completely transformed their space for Park Smith’s show. It was like stepping into Park Smith’s world and so refreshing.






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