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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Courtesy of Love x Fashion x Art
Courtesy of Love x Fashion x Art
Bernard Aidan and Domingo Zapata
Courtesy of Love x Fashion x Art
Courtesy of Love x Fashion x Art

Bernard Aidan’s Love x Fashion x Art Pop-Up in Miami

By Delphine de Causans

November 29, 2016

Love x Fashion x Art is the story of a love affair between fashion and art. Launched by Bernard Aidan, the brand is dedicated to creating beautiful and unique items, wearable art pieces, made in collaboration with contemporary artists.

To those in Miami this week, be sure to stop by their pop up store at Lulu Laboratorium (173 NW 23rd Street) in between the fairs and shows.

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Love x Fashion x Art

WHITEWALL: Bernard Aidan, could you tell us a bit about the man behind the brand?

BERNARD AIDAN: I’m a passionate Tunisian-born rebel who loves life in art and fashion. I grew up with an artistic family—a mix of different artists including a painter, poet, chef, singer—though, my dad was a banker and taught me a thing or two about how to balance the books. My work reflects the Mediterranean aura and its people. I love these people.

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Love x Fashion x Art

WW: How did you become a fashion designer?

BA: I moved to Paris when I was 16 and started to work for a friend who ran a fashion company. School wasn’t stimulating my study so I went another route and worked myself up in his company, from an assistant to a visual merchandiser, to collaborating and eventually designing. Once I felt ready to branch out on my own I moved to New York, when New York was raw and real.

Open Gallery

Bernard Aidan and Domingo Zapata
Courtesy of Love x Fashion x Art

WW: Which fashion designers inspire you?

BA: This might sound bias because of his Tunisian background, but I do think Azzedine Alaia is the most talented designer in the fashion world.

WW: What is the story behind Love x Fashion x Art and its two clothing lines?

BA: My work and personal life continue to reflect my artistic upbringing and I love the idea of conflating these two worlds within the arts. That’s how I thought of creating wearable art, pun intended. I also love working with these badass artists who are working with us, as well as our manufacturing experts. Every piece is original and our customers get stopped on the streets all the time when wearing their jackets—we’re creating a conversation between strangers. LFA, the second line, is more of a ready-to-wear version of Love x Fashion x Art.

WW: What makes your bags so special?

BA: We’re creating an opportunity for artists to express themselves within a new vehicle and to expand their work to another criteria—a totally different world for them. And it’s just a fabulous way for the customer to walk and wear their art purchases.

The exceptional craftsmanship of the bags is something we’re very proud of, made in the most credible factory in France. The painted panel is removable with two zippers and the bag comes with an additional solid black panel, in case you wanted to tone down your bag for a more conservative event or simply if your outfit is so loud you need to calm it down!

WW: How did you come up with the idea of collaborating with artists?

BA: It’s been a trendy practice for fashion brands to collaborate with known artists to reach out and market their products, which is great. I think because of who I am and my artistic background I simply wanted to give artists a fresh platform to work in, and to have fun with them and the development. And because every piece is original there’s such a fantastic bond that we have with our customers, it’s very interactive.

WW: Who are the artists you collaborate with?

BA: Helen Wek, Christian Salaverry, Nicolat Muret, Domingo Zapata, Jeff Hamilton, Risako Yamada, Bourne Rich.

WW: Where can one get pieces from your collection?

BA: On our website and follow us on Instagram. Look out for our pop-up stores, including our event at Art Basel in Miami Beach this week. And we also sell products at Brooklyn Denim in New York and at Colette in Paris.

Art x Love x FashionBernard AidanDelphine de Causans


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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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