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Paul Graham, “Golden Pawn Shop”, Bronx, 2013. Courtesy of Carlier Gebauer.

December Shows to Know

By now, most of the artworld is back from Miami. Luckily, everyone else isn’t still recovering. In California, 365 Mission is hosting “Supports/Surfaces” which debuted earlier this year at Canada Gallery, New York. If you haven’t seen Chris Ofili at the New Museum, now is your chance. Floors 3 and 4, show an artist who has surpassed his bombastic YBA legacy to create highly refined, mature figurative paintings. Across the pond, Paul Graham‘s “Does Yellow Run Forever” travels from Pace Gallery, New York to Carlier Gebauer, London exploring love, wealth and happiness in a series of compelling photographs.

Here’s more on those shows and others you should be sure to check out this month:

Paul Graham, “Golden Pawn Shop”, Bronx, 2013.
Courtesy of Carlier Gebauer.

Seth Adelsberger, “Night Shades” at ltdlosangeles, California
November 22, 2014–January 10, 2015
For this show, Adelsberger examines the backlit screen of technology with a new series of darker abstract paintings that recall night vision goggles.

Supports/Surfaces” at 365 Mission, Los Angeles, California
November 16-December 21, 2014
This short-lived movement, 1968-74, is now in the midst of a revival. Now on view at 365 mission, this sophisticated ensemble located their work between household materials, philosophy, and political action.

Lauren Luloff at Bernard Ceysson Galerie, Luxembourg
November 22, 2014-January 11, 2015
New York artist, Lauren Luloff, finds a fitting setting in Paris gallery, Bernard Ceysson. On view are her painting-sculpture hybrids made of fabric and bleach with icons of domestic life.

Chris Ofili, “Night & Day” The New Museum, New York
October 29, 2014-January 25, 2015
Ofili makes a grand entrance at the New Museum this winter with works that blend figuration and abstraction. Ever-experimental, the artist has found source material in such disparate sources as ancient mythology, hip-hop and blaxploitation. Visit the 3rd floor to see his Blue Rider series which references the 20th century art group, the spirituality of the Rothko chapel, and the act of seeing in the dark.

Paul Graham, “Does Yellow Run Forever?” at Carlier Gebauer, Berlin
November 7-December 20, 2014
For this show, Graham tackles the transience of everyday life – images of rainbows from Western Ireland, a young woman sleeping, the pawn shops of New York – with poetic affect.

Matt Mignanelli, “Stories Unfold” at Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles, California
November 22-December 20, 2014
Inspired by architectural facades, Matt Mignanelli’s slick abstract paintings employ all-over convex or concave patterns in black or white.

Caroline Larsen, “Palm Flora” at Katharine Mulherin, New York
December 11, 2014-January 11, 2015
Larsen’s heavily textured paintings are increasingly abstract. In this series she references flowers that compliment her croche-like, interwoven paint handling.







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