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Image © Judd Foundation

“Donald Judd: Prints” at 101 Spring Street

The Judd Foundation at 101 Spring Street in New York is currently presenting an exploration of Donald Judd’s prints. Visitors are welcome to walk through an intimate instillation of prints varying in color, shape, and proportion. Three separate series were chosen for the exhibition, dating from 1988 to 1993, with a focus on woodcut prints.

The artist worked with print throughout his career but did not enjoy creating his own carvings and woodworking for them. It was when he sought the help of his father Roy Judd, that his prints became more dynamic and less experimental. Flavin Judd expanded on this exchange, in an essay The Woodcutter Changes Hands: “This seemingly small act, this use of Roy’s hands, was part of a profound change in his work. With the straight lines and craftsman’s kill he was free to experiment, not limited to his own carpentry skills, and his work expanded exponentially.”

Image © Judd Foundation

On view at 101 Spring Street now are prints carved by Jim Cooper and Tadashi Toda, among other works. Curated by Flavin Judd and supported by COS, the show conveys the impact of Judd’s legacy on design and space. The exhibition also includes brightly colored metal furniture, was designed by Judd in 1984, that visitors are encouraged to sit and read an array of books from his personal library. His book collection varies in topics such as philosophy, politics, color theory, like Albers’ Interaction of Color or Chomsky’s Language and Politics. The exhibition is open to the public Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons until December 19.


Photo credit: Sol Hashemi / Judd Foundation Archive

Flavin Judd is also curated a show of rare Donald Judd Cor-ten steel sculptures now on view at David Zwirner through December 19.




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