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COVER Vojtěch Kovařík Summer 2024

Download the Summer 2024 Impact Issue

The Summer 2024 Impact issue is out now, featuring cover stories with Vojtěch Kovařík, Miles Greenberg, and Stella McCartney.

As the Summer 2024 Impact Issue went to print, it was technically still spring, but the smell of summer was in the air. While it’s been an otherwise dreary and rainy start to the season weather-wise, it has been full of life in art, design, and fashion that has reignited our excitement for the rest of the year. From Salone del Mobile in Milan and the Venice Biennale opening the same week in April to back-to-back fairs in New York in May, we’ve taken a lot in, and we’re letting it all out in these pages.

Our annual Impact Issue is always one of our favorites to put together. Staged for summer, it’s full of the vibrancy, color, and sunshine we crave. And while sustainability is always on the minds of the creatives we speak with, this edition offers us a chance to go deeper. 

The Summer 2024 Impact Issue Focuses on Sustainability

We did that with one of our cover stars, Stella McCartney. A pioneer in sustainable fashion and an animal rights activist, she has paved the way for innovation in fashion for years, if not decades, before everyone else. She recently partnered with the champagne house Veuve Clicquot to turn the waste of winemaking into stunning accessories that will be essential for summer—sandals, bucket bags, and the chicest champagne holder we’ve ever laid eyes upon.

While in Venice for the opening of the 60th edition of the biennale, we were left breathless by the performance of Miles Greenberg. The stunning durational piece, Sebastian, was captured for our cover. Once back in New York, we had to hear from the artist about it all, so he sat down with his boyfriend and upcoming collaborator, playwright, director, and novelist, Jordan Tannahill, to unpack Greenberg’s process.

Cover Stories with Stella McCartney, Miles Greenberg, and Vojtěch Kovařík

If your travels this summer take you to Prague, be sure to visit Museum Kampa, where Vojtěch Kovařík’s solo show is on view. The artist spoke to us from one of his studios, this one in Brno, where he was feeling the weight and scale of his bigger-than-ever paintings and new approach to sculpture. His bas-reliefs and figurative pieces reference Greek mythology, full of struggle, agony, and emotion. He told us that a mere shift in the eyes or tilt of the head can say so much, which you’ll see in his beautiful cover, too. 

An eye toward the environment can be found throughout, whether it’s the “artcycling” new fragrance collection “COTY INFINIMENT PARIS” from Sue Nabi and Nicolas Vu or a series of shimmering sustainable hotels we are now officially adding to our bucket list.

Tuck us into your carry-on your own travels this summer. Bring us along—we promise we don’t mind getting a little sandy. Download the issue now HERE.

Vojtěch Kovařík Summer 2024 impact issue cover; Vojtěch Kovařík Summer 2024 impact issue cover; Vojtěch Kovařík, Selene and Endymion (detail), 2024, 350 x 220cm, acrylic and sand on canvas, photo by Matěj Doležel, courtesy of the artist & Galerie Derouillon, Paris.




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