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Ferrari’s New California Turbo Debut

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Ferrari launched its new California Turbo Handling Special Package last month at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show. Created for the first time in 1957, the California Turbo is the most accessible Ferrari, and the more you drive it the more you want to buy it. This latest iteration aims to entice new customers who would be attracted with the idea of a more affordable sports car.

In the 1950s, the engine was a V12, while the California Turbo of today, (and since 2008) is only available with a V8, and could be described as the highest performance GT in its category. The first Handling Special Package was released in 2012, and the latest is scheduled for June 2016.

Ferrari California Turbo

We had the chance to test drive the California T in Portofino on a sunny day with the top down. With its 560cv, the new V8 engine Turbo, as well as the new Handling Special Package, makes the new California Turbo more stable on rough and bumpy roads. The engine sound is higher than before and the acceleration rate has been increased. The variable boost management is one of the most innovative features. The car is more responsive and with these new changes: more instant throttle response, harder springs (+16% in the front, +19% in the back), new exhaust, new direct-injection 3855 cc that punches out a maximum from the engine, a maximum torque of 755 Nm in the 7th gear. Reactions are faster than before and the gear change is more aggressive. On an efficiency point of view, there is now -15% of consumption, -20% of specific emissions (Co2/cv) and -60% engine emissions since 2000.

On an aesthetic and design level, its trans-axle architecture with mid-front mounted engine and components located within the wheelbase, all have been remained intact. However, the engine was placed a bit lower in the chassis to improve the center of gravity. The streamlining is as elegant and chic as ever, less sharp-featured and more curved than other Ferrari models.

Ferrari California Turbo

The Ferrari Styling Center, in collaboration with Pininfarina, has designed a car that mixes both sportiness and elegance in a classic seamless way. One can tailor his or her car, choosing the width of the front seats and cabin elements have been to be more ergonomic. The Tailor Made Service comes from a long tradition in Maranello, and has been developed especially for clients who want a bespoke car. It allows the buyer to own a unique car with a choice of 300 different kinds of fabrics, all tested and flame retardant.

The new California Turbo is more ecological, efficient, powerful, responsive, and as it used to be, customizable.

Ferrari California Turbo



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