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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Guillermo Fornes, "Ananke," 2018, 180x200 cm; courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of Guillermo Fornes.
Courtesy of Guillermo Fornes.
Courtesy of Guillermo Fornes.

Guillermo Fornes Talks “Naked Lunch” in Madrid

By Sara Zaldivar

January 5, 2021

Guillermo Fornes is a Spanish abstract and conceptual artist with an international career who lives between Madrid and Ibiza.

His latest solo-show "Naked Lunch" recently launched at La Fundación Pons in Madrid and is on view through January 20, 2021.

SARA ZALDIVAR: Guillermo, you have a long history in the art world. What artists have been your references?

GUILLERMO FORNES: I feel myself inheritor of the expressionism as far as the gesture. I am interested in the work of Twombly, Barnett Newman and Egon Schiele ; also of the romanticism in that of the conceptual, for its connection to the nature and existentialism with artists as Turner and Goya; and the gutay in that of experimental and the development of audio-visual work and research of new techniques and materials.       

SZ: How would you describe your creative process?       

GF: The creative process in my case comes out after the work layout with reflection and rationalism. It is an analysis of the idea and technique that will be the catalyst to create the message.

In every new series there is a workshop deep process to find the adequate plastic technique on which I might be able to shape the concept that I am creating and developing.  In the series there is an audio-visual documental work which is part of the main body of the art work.      

Open Gallery

Guillermo Fornes, "Ananke," 2018, 180x200 cm; courtesy of the artist.

SZ: You work drawings, oils on canvas and sometimes you also work with powder. With what medium do you feel more comfortable?

GF: The execution is always with the canvas on the floor with my phisycal action directly on the support, which allows me a close approach to the ponds of pigments and water as well as the action work with the pressure of water and fire.

Along my carrier I have experimented and used a variety of different techniques both in engravings as in works on paper and on canvas. In chalcographic engravings my work was centered in the making of monotypes with the use of the screw press.     

In my work on paper I use an artisan paper which holds very well the watering gouache and the line stroke gesture as well as the temperature of the fire in the techniques used by me.    

In the creative process working on canvas I use cotton or linnen depending of the technique, usually in big size, in diptych or triptych which allows me to create the atmosphere and narrative expression which portrays my discourse.

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Guillermo Fornes.

SZ: Would you like the public to feel when facing your canvases?     

GF: I define the art as a kind of communication. In every new series of mine there is a clear intent to generate a debate and after its contemplation to get the observer involved and provoked to make a reflection. I believe that the painting has this strength and capacity to generate a discourse. which might be emotional, poetic and reflexive.

SZ: In your last exhibition "Naked Lunch" that has just been inaugurated at the Pons Foundation in Madrid, you talk about edonism and carnal pleasures, a reminder theme in your work. Could we say that they are an expression of your way of living life?         

GF: “Naked Lunch” is my last work, without doubt the most intimist and poetic, with a reflection about the passions, the edonism and the strength of the emotions. With the understanding that in the emotional gesture and in the crossway of passions there is always part of the challenge of the find of the vital equilibrium.

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Guillermo Fornes.

SZ: What are your next projects?

GF: My next project is an institutional exhibition on occasion of MACO in Mexico city at the Indianilla museum and  on the other side the display of my recent works in Miami with Artscape Lab.

SZ: You spend long periods on the island. What are your favorite places?      

GF: To me Ibiza is always inspiring. Dalt Vila, the high city and its old walls are undoubtedly my favorite place for its historic and personal/familiar load. On my early infant years I spent long periods at the family house in Dalt Vila. Also Santa Inés with its almond trees, San Mateo and San Juan; there is nothing like getting lost by the inner roads of the island.

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