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Highlights of SCOPE Miami Beach 2021

For its 20th edition, SCOPE Miami Beach 2021 (December 1–5) has returned to its outpost in the sand to continue as a platform for discovery. For two decades, the pavilion on Ocean Drive and 8th Street has welcomed guests from around the world to see, hear, and experience established and emerging art through a playful lens.

This year, over 127 exhibitors are seen filling the space, featuring installations, lounges, and a stage for discussions both inside and outdoors. The 2021 edition brings to light works under “The New Contemporary” theme, which encapsulates the spirit so critical today for both global politics and local community engagement.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2021

SCOPE Miami Beach 2021 featuring an installation by Entes, photo by Eliza Jordan.

The fair also features an exciting roster of daily programming—from morning wellness activities supported by Evolve like yoga and breathing exercises to afternoon discussions on NFTs and executing activations with sponsorships.

Each night, Balmain and (RED) also commemorate World AIDS Day (December 1) by joining fashion with an eco-friendly work by Saype, a series of site-specific installations, drinks by Chivas and Perrier-Jouët, and music by DJ mOma (Everyday People) for the public to enjoy.

Approaching the tent, guests first see the fair’s exterior bursting with a bold street art installation by Joan Jiménez, known in the art world as Entes. In collaboration with Superchief Gallery and MAP, and made possible by the help of Splash Blast, the Lima-born artist transformed the entryway into a colorful portrait of Peru using his unique mural-transfers that were replicated through a technique called “strappo.”

Mister E

Mister E, photo by Eliza Jordan.

Also outside in the atrium, Mister E returned to the same location he presented in in 2019 to explore the theme of money. In a narrow room of mirrors, neon lights in shapes of “100” popped in varying vibrant colors, guiding guests through the space for an immersive experience.


Hueman, Ink in the Bloodline, presented by Mirus Gallery, photo by Eliza Jordan.

Once inside, other highlights included Hueman’s works at Mirus Gallery, including Ink in the Bloodline, which proved to be interactive through a QR code, and with purchase, was accompanied by a minted NFT.

Ivan Alifan

Ivan Alifan, Deserted, presented by Roman Fine Art, photo by Eliza Jordan.

At Roman Fine Art, we couldn’t look away from Deserted by Ivan Alifan, an oil on canvas work depicting a man with a melting ice cream cone on his head and its cotton candy-colored cream covering his face and neck.

Erik Nieminen

Erik Nieminen, Transmutation in the Big Blue, presented by SeeMe, photo by Eliza Jordan.

At SeeMe’s booth, we were transfixed by an oil on linen diptych entitled Transmutation in the Big Blue by Erik Nieminen, which showed washes of green and blue to detail underwater plants and sea life, anchored by a group of underwater explorers.

Jack Florczyk

Jack Florczyk, Someone with a Richard Mille, presented by SeeME, photo by Eliza Jordan.

To its left, we grinned at Jack Florczyk’s Someone with a Richard Mille acrylic on paper work, showing a man in a black turtleneck and a red beanie wearing a Richard Mille watch with one large eye.

Annie Shinn, Untitled Aerial Landscape III, presented by JSL Gallery, photo by Eliza Jordan.

At JSL Gallery, which recently closed its brick-and-mortar location to focus on online relations during the pandemic, we were caught in the calm mustard and baby blue breaks between blank space in an oil and charcoal on canvas work by Annie Shinn entitled Untitled Aerial Landscape III.

Idris Habib

Idris Habib, Maduka, presented by The Camp Gallery, photo by Eliza Jordan.

Around the bend at The Camp Gallery, Idris Habib stopped us in our track with Maduka, an acrylic and pencil on cotton blend fabric work of a Black man punctuated with his bright white eyes and neck-buttoned coat, and tight acrylic swirls of hair. We learned at the booth that the Ghana-based artist typically creates on found materials, including for this piece, which is seen drawn over a floral fabric.

Kotao Tomozawa

Kotao Tomozawa at Tokyo Intenational Gallery, photo by Eliza Jrodan.

From Tokyo International Gallery, we loved Kotao Tomozawa’s oil on canvas painting of a person basking in the contact of water. Nondescript of gender or race, and against a deep blue background, the human has their eyes and mouth shut and a sheet of glossy liquid dripping from their face.

Porsche x Aimé Leon Dore

Porsche x Aimé Leon Dore, photo by Eliza Jordan.

And for VIPs looking to rest a little between booths, they can relax in a lounge powered by Porsche, featuring a restored 911 Super Carrera car made in collaboration with Aimé Leon Dore. The two brands first collaborated last year to restore a Type 964 911 Carrera and present it at New York Fashion Week. So this year, fans of both brands are gathering to see the new rendition, displayed on large pilings, surrounded by crates of oranges, and complemented by of a collage mural by the artist Derek Gores.



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Go inside the worlds of Art, Fashion, Design and Lifestyle.


Art Basel returns to Switzerland in full swing, held at Messe Basel from June 16—19 with 289 presenting galleries from around the world.


Go inside the worlds
of Art, Fashion, Design,
and Lifestyle.