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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Carmen Herrera
Portrait of the artist, courtesy of Lisson Gallery
Photo by Carmen Herrera
Courtesy of Lisson Gallery
Carmen Herrera
Costa del Sol
Carmen Herrera

Lisson Gallery Will Open Its New York Space in May

By Charlotte Boutboul

March 14, 2016

London’s Lisson Gallery, founded in 1967, that famously pioneered the conceptual and minimalistic art of John Lantham, Robert Ryman, Sol LeWitt and later that of British sculptors Anish Kapoor and Richard Deacon, without forgetting the performance art of Marina Abramović, will launch its New York flagship on May 3. After several years of active search for a proper space it finally settled for 504 West 24th street, below the Highline. Studio Christian Wassmann realized the architectural project together with Markus Dokantschi’s studioMDA, in charge of the locale’s interior design.

“Those who know Chelsea, and have known it many years know that it’s very hard to find spaces for galleries. But it was important for us to take advantage of the qualities of the space, which is great in size, and offers 25 feet high ceilings, as well as two skylights, including one of almost a 1000 square feet,” said Wassman.

Open Gallery

Carmen Herrera

The space is the length of a city block, with 24th street on the left and on the right, 23rd street. The four transversal highline columns will be exposed, offering two skylights on either each side, “So the space completely bathes in natural light which is quite a unique feature to have in a gallery,” said International Director Alex Logsdail, who will run the New York location.

The gallery will open next May with a solo show of new works by Cuban-American abstract minimalist painter Carmen Herrera conceived from the last two years. The date coincides with her 101st birthday, and is five months ahead of her solo show at The Whitney Museum of American Art. “It’s a very important tribute to Carmen who’s been, I feel, very under-recognized and under-represented considering where she lives, she’s someone we care about very deeply and we’re so happy that she’s doing this,” said Curatorial Director Greg Hilty.

Open Gallery

Portrait of the artist, courtesy of Lisson Gallery
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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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