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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Marni pre-fall 2014
Marni pre-fall 2014
Marni men's fall/winter 2014-15
Marni pre-fall 2014 collaboration with Christophe Joubert
Marni pre-fall 2014 collaboration with Francois Xavier Tavy-Sacley
Marni pre-fall 2014 collaboration with Stefano Favaro
Marni pre-fall 2014

Marni’s Ode to Outsider Art

By Sola Agustsson

February 26, 2014

For Marni’s pre-fall 2014 and men’s fall/winter 2014-15 collection, the brand wanted to pay homage to the Art Brut movement from the 40s and 50s and the concept of “outsider art.” Art Brut, a movement known for its use of forms of artistic expression placed outside the market and its institutions, enabled artists to be autodidactic and often visionary.

Likewise, Marni tapped artists Christophe Joubert and Francois-Xavier Tavy-Sacley from France, and Stefano Favaro from Italy, to design a selection of the collection. Tavy-Sacley’s contributions features bold patterns in vibrant blues and reds, while Joubert’s used Basquiat-esque painted designs. Favaro’s work is marked by simplistic, retro uses of color and a signature dinosaur-like figure. Three artists hail from three different associations: L’Esat Menilmontant, Personimages Association, and Osservatorio Outsider Art.

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Marni pre-fall 2014
Art BrutChristophe JoubertFrancois-Xavier Tavy-SacleyL’Esat MenilmontantMarniOsservatorio Outsider Artoutsider artPersonimages AssociationStefano Favaro


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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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