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Miami Private Collections

The events centered on Art Basel Miami Beach are overwhelming; it’s like trying to tour the Louvre and all of Europe in four days and still have time to go to the beach on Sunday. What to see and what to experience from December 6th through 9th is never an easy choice, and deciding what art to see is always a daunting task.

Featuring three floors of works, the De La Cruz Collection exhibited paintings, sculptures, and video work that addressed the process of making art, including a large sculpture by Sterling Ruby installed at the entrance of the gallery. In the shape of a large stalactite, Ruby poured paint over PVC pipe, foam, and wood. The paint dried over time, creating a moving effect, and through the process creating a stalactite shape.

The Marguiles Collection was excellent, and if there was one collection to visit this weekend, this is the one. The space is similar to a small museum, with many works housed in a large former factory of which one could easily spend hours roaming and looking. The work on view makes a strong statement, greeting visitors with a massive sculpture by De Kooning and surrealist Juan Miro. Further back in the space are some of the most imaginative and creative new video instillations by Hiraki Sawa.

The Rubell Family Collection can best be described as eclectic. Curated by the Rubell family, the collection has works by performance artist Richard Jackson, sculpture from Charles Ray and Jason Rhoades, instillation and film by Ando Wekua, and thick oils by Zhu Jinshi, among many others.

The trending theme throughout these major collections is on exhibiting works that explore the experience of art or the art making process. Several of the featured artists have backgrounds in performance art, installation, and experimental video, mediums that are finally becoming more common in the commercial sphere. There is certainly an interest in showcasing these mediums through such high profile, international events like ABMB, where experiencing art is becoming just as important as seeing it.





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