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MTV RE:DEFINE presented by Dallas Contemporary

Mixing Art and Rock for a Good Cause at MTV RE:DEFINE in Dallas

The MTV RE:DEFINE benefit, which returns to Dallas this week, includes work by artists like Damien Hirst, Richard Phillips, Julian Schnabel, Daniel Arsham, Joe Black, Katrin Fridriks, Kevin Francis Gray, Michelle Grabner, Maya Hayuk, JR, Margaret Lee, Chris Levine, Nicolas Lobo, Jonathan Yeo, and Russell Young, among others. Hosted by Richard Phillips and honorary guest Jerry Hall, the benefit will combine rock ‘n’ roll with contemporary art. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, which has raised millions in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Here are a few works (for sale via Paddle 8 and on view) that caught our eye:

MTV RE:DEFINE presented by Dallas Contemporary

Joe Black, Pussy Riot
This portrait of Vladimir Putin is comprised of thousands of pornographic pins of women, aptly named after the infamous Russian feminist group.

Daniel Arsham, Steel eroded Hasselblad Camera
Arsham, whose work toys with conceptions of materiality and space, has created a series of deteriorating camera sculptures, referencing the futile gesture of attempting to freeze time.

MTV RE:DEFINE presented by Dallas Contemporary

Richard Phillips, Lindsay III
Phillips notorious video starring Lindsay Lohan may not be what you traditionally consider art, yet is an engrossing and melancholic tribute to the iconic actress.

Katrin Fridriks, Lollipop No. 1 Odyssey
Icelandic artist Katrin Fridriks paints massive abstract works on lollipop shapes, creating trippy colorful patterns.

MTV RE:DEFINE presented by Dallas Contemporary

James Gilbert, Skin and Stones
Gilbert’s haunting sculpture formed from wax, pigment, wood and hydrocal draws from the concept of the collective subconscious.

Michelle Grabner, Untitled
Grabner’s mesmerizing circular metalpoint drawings are conceptually composed, inspired by Platonic ideals based on orderliness and routine.

MTV RE:DEFINE presented by Dallas Contemporary

Chris Levine, Lightness of Being
Queen Elizabeth II is fluorescently illuminated in this magenta screen print, embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Neil Raitt, Alpine
Raitt’s large, meticulously detailed paintings are beautifully patterned landscapes.

Julian Schnabel, Theory of Relativity
Artist Julian Schnabel, famed for writing a memoir through blinking, created a sacred collage work on polyester.

Piotr Uklanski, Untitled 2012
Ever think pencil shavings could be made into art? Uklanski did, and pastiched a geometric flower power design.






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