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Photo by BFA

Music: Xavier Veilhan’s Double Exhibition in NY and Paris

In celebration of his seventh solo exhibition, Xavier Veilhan opened his highly anticipated show “Music” at Galerie Perrotin last Thursday. Part of a double exhibition, appearing simultaneously in New York and Paris, the show is full of new works that pay homage to music industry categories and executives that are responsible for the soundtracks of our time.

Separated by job titles, and then named accordingly as series, Veilhan exhibits this reverence in a life-like way. “Producers” is a series of eight large-scale sculptures made from a variety of materials—ranging from wood to metal—that have been modeled from 3D scans. (This exhibition is similar to his 2009 series “The Architects” in that way) Renderings of Quincy Jones, The Neptunes, Rick Rubin, and many others, stand together to form an extemporary collection of musical talent. To follow, the “Mobile (Music)” series includes 30 floating spheres that evoke the music created by the producers. There is also a selection of new work devoted to Veilhan’s musical performance “SYSTEMA OCCAM”—a silent visual prelude to “OCCAM I”—that was part of the Crossing the Lines festival in 2013. Statues with inspired postures from “SYSTEMA OCCAM” are on display atop a hybrid piece of furniture.

Photo by BFA

At the opening of “Music” in New York, the artist’s wife and three kids were in town from Paris to celebrate. At the Paul’s Baby Grand after-party, Veilhan, alongside his good friend Marc Teissier du Cros of Record Makers, DJed a set inspired by his “Producers” series.

“Music,” with different works in each location, is intended to work as a whole and separately. It will be open for viewing in Paris (opening March 7) and New York through April 11.

Photo by BFA





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