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Lee Ufan

Beatriz Milhazes, Joan Jonas, Lee Ufan, and More Must-See Shows in London

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If you’re in London this week, be sure to check out these must-see gallery and museum shows around the city.

Beatriz Milhazes at White Cube
Now–July 1
“Rio Azul” is Beatriz Milhazes’s first exhibition at White Cube, featuring a collection of new painting, sculpture, collage, and the artist’s first tapestry. The Brazilian artist’s work displays a myriad of vivid colors and geometric shapes, alluding to artists like Henry Matisse and Sonia Delaunay. The tapestry Rio azul (which measures at 16 meters tall and nearly 3 meters wide), was created over a period of two years in collaboration with the master weavers at Pinton Mill in France.

Beatriz Milhazes

Installation Images
Beatriz Milhazes
‘Rio Azul’, White Cube Bermondsey 17 April – 1 July 2018
© Beatriz Milhazes. Photo © White Cube (Ollie Hammick)

“Bumped Bodies” at Whitechapel Gallery
Now–August 12
The final installation in the ISelf collection, “Bumped Bodies,” is a series of new works by 23 international artists. Each work on display explores the relationship between the body, objects, and environments by showcasing deconstructed perspectives of bodies interacting with inanimate objects. The artists featured in the exhibition include Sarah Lucas, John Stezaker, and Wael Shaw (whose piece Cabaret Crusades: The Path to Cairo depicts the an Arab take on the story of the crusades using puppets).

Lee Ufan at Serpentine Gallery 
Now–July 29
Serpentine’s exploration of public art continues with a commissioned sculpture by Lee Ufan. Part of the artist’s “Relatumseries, RelatumStage is a mirror-and-rock composition made as a poetic reflection of its natural and industrial surroundings where it resides in Kensington Gardens. The South Korean-born artist first became known in the 1960s for being apart of the avant-garde Mono-ha group, a Japanese contemporary art movement.

Bumped Bodies

Installation view at the Whitechapel Gallery
ISelf Collection: Bumped Bodies
Gallery 7
10 April – 12 August 2018
Photo by Steven White

Mary Corse at Lisson Gallery
Now–June 23
Mary Corse’s debut show at Lisson Gallery is a selection of 10 historically significant paintings ranging from 2003–2018. The Los Angeles-based artist’s work explores the qualities of light and perception to a point at which she is able to embody light rather than simply represent it. The exhibition includes pieces from Corse’s “White Black White” and “White Inner Band” series and seven new works made specifically for the exhibition.

“Surface Work” at Victoria Miro
Now–June 16
“Surface Work” is an inter-generational exhibition of female abstract painters. The exhibition showcases the work of over fifty international artists, including Rita Ackerman, Sarah Cain, Prunella Clough, and Bharti Kher. It celebrates women who have helped shape in the past and continue to influence the language and definition of abstract painting.

Lee Ufan

Lee Ufan,
Relatum – Stage
Installation view, Serpentine Gallery, London (6 February – 29 July 2018)
© Lee Ufan
Photograph © Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Joan Jonas at Tate Modern
Now–August 5
Joan Jonas’s exhibition at the Tate features a selection of videos and installations ranging from 1960 to present day. This is the performance and video artist’s largest exhibition in the UK to date. On view are some of Jonas’s more recent works, which create dialogue on issues such as climate change and extinction, as well as some of her landmark installations like Line in the Sand and Reanimation. Jonas will also perform as in the BMW Tate Live exhibition “Ten Days Six Nights” program, alongside other artists.



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