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Roger Fallen at Museum Tinguely

Roger Ballen, Shirley Jaffe, and More Art Basel 2023 Shows

The best of Basel’s art scene

If you’re in Basel this week for the fairs, make sure to leave spare time in your schedule for visiting these exhibitions at Kunstumuseum Basel, von Bartha, and Museum Tinguely. 

Shirley Jaffe at Kunstmuseum Basel

Shirley Jaffe, “X, encore,” 2007, Oil on canvas, 210 x 160 cm; private collection, © 2023, ProLitteris, Zurich, photo © Alan Wiener, courtesy of Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York.

Shirley Jaffe: “Form as Experiment”

Kunstmuseum Basel
March 25—July 30, 2023
Curated by Olga Osadtschy and Frédéric Paul,“Form as Experiment” is the first-ever retrospective in Switzerland of the late artist Shirley Jaffe. On view, a selection of 113 works span Jaffe’s oeuvre and take viewers on a journey of Jaffe’s artistic evolution. From early works in the realm of Abstract Expressionism—many of which were created during the 1950s after she relocated from the U.S. to Paris—to the large-scale geometric signature she came to adopt in the later days of her practice, the show is a treat for those both new and familiar to her work.

Andrea Büttner at Kunstmuseum Basel

Andrea Büttner, “What is so terrible about craft? / The products of the human hand,” 2019, double-channel video and sound installation; exhibition view, Kunstmuseum Basel, 2023, photo by Julian Salinas, © the artist & ProLitteris, Zurich.

Andrea Büttner: “The Heart of Relations”

Kunstmuseum Basel
April 22—October 1
In this survey of the German artist Andrea Büttner, nearly 90 works created in the last 15 years make up the artist’s largest exhibition to date. Entitled “The Heart of Relations,” viewers will find Büttner’s works displayed in sections of thematic narratives, divulging the artist’s creative explorations of topics like labor, poverty, shame, and community. Executed in a variety of media including glass objects, video installations, and more, featured works include those like the large-scale woodcut series from 2016, Beggars, a video installation from 2019 called What Is So Terrible about Craft?Die Produkte der menschlichen Hand, and Piano Destructions, which is accompanied by a free audience performance taking place on June 15.

Charmion Von Wiegand Kunstmuseum Basel

Charmion Von Wiegand, “Untitled,” 1946, oil on canvas, 50.8 x 45.72 cm; © Nachlass der Künstlerin / estate of the artist, courtesy of Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, LLC, New York.

Charmion von Wiegand

Kunstmuseum Basel
March 25—August 13
Kunstmuseum Basel is presenting the first retrospective of the late American painter, journalist, and art critic Charmion von Wiegand in nearly 40 years. Curators Maja Wismer and Martin Brauen have compiled a selection of 49 paintings and sketches that represent von Wiegand’s whimsical geometric style, paired with documents representative of her cultural musings. All divulge the unique way she translated thought into visual art.

Exhibition view, “Design for a Garden,” von Bartha, 2023, photo by Andreas Zimmermann, courtesy of the artists and von Bartha.

“Design for a Garden”

von Bartha
April 22—July 15
Considering a garden as a generous home to a cycle of life and objects (like gates, gloves, mirrors, and baubles), “Design for a Garden” presents its own type of garden in the form of a group exhibition. Curator Andrew Bick has carefully selected a landscape of creations where juxtapositions and harmony, canvas, sculpture, and sound coalesce, creating a garden of works that exist perfectly on their own and in conversation with those around them. Featured artists include names like Marianne Eigenheer, Tanya Goel, Anthony Hill, Claudia Wieser, Elena Damiani, Emma Kunz, and Sara Haq.

Roger Fallen at Museum Tinguely

Installation view of the exhibition “Roger Fallen. Call of the Void” at Museum Tinguely, Basel, 2023; photo by Felix Scharff, © courtesy of Roger Fallen.

Roger Ballen: “Call of the Void”

Museum Tinguely
April 19—October 29
Museum Tinguely has conceived a series of exhibitions called “Danse macabre” that responds to a work of morbidity by Jean Tinguely from 1986, Mengele – Dance of Death. Roger Ballen’s “Call of the Void” is the eighth presentation in the series, presenting a suite of the South African artist’s photographs, videos, and installations. Following exhibitions with artists like Anouk Kruithof and Bruce Conner, examining themes related to Tinguely’s composition (like dance and the apocalypse), Ballen’s “Call of the Void” presents a haunting environment where the artist poses musings on the human psyche, more specifically ideas of being and becoming.

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller at Museum Tinguely

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, “The Killing Machine,” 2007, © 2023 courtesy of the artists, Luhring Augustine, New York, Gallery Koyanagi, Tokio and Fraenkel Gallery, San Fransisco, Foto: Seber Ugarte, Lorena López.

“Dream Machines”

Museum Tinguely
June 7—September 24
The intangible worlds of dreams and poetry come to life in an exhibition by the Canadian duo Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, entitled “Dream Machines.” The most expansive showcase of the pair’s work in Switzerland thus far, the works on view are representative of Cardiff and Bures Miller’s interactive oeuvre that ignites the senses through intricate soundscapes and immersive spatial installations. Visitors at the museum will find works like the 1999 The Muriel Lake Incident, which presents a unique cinematic encounter experienced through headphones and eerie environments like the recent Escape Room (2023) and the Small Room (2005).



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Inviting the audience to feel, touch, and experience art in its most dynamic state is “When Forms Come Alive” at Hayward Gallery.
Susan Chen's first solo show at Rachel Uffner is on view now through April 20 in New York, including works in clay and ne paintings.


Go inside the worlds
of Art, Fashion, Design,
and Lifestyle.