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LOEWE 2023 Salone del Mobile


LOEWE Chairs
LOEWE 2023 Salone del Mobile
Maria SharapovaMaria Sharapova


Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Alexis Dahan_Alarm Amann (west)Alexis Dahan_Alarm Amann (west)
Alexis Dahan, Alarm Amann (West), 2015, courtesy of Two Rams.

Top Exhibitions Opening This Week in New York (February 2–8)

By Olivia Swider

February 5, 2015


Marcia Kure: “Grey” at Susan Inglett Gallery
February 5–March 14
Opening: February 5, 6–8pm
522 West 24th Street
Inspired by her recent residency at The V & A, London, Marcia Kure continues to embrace abstraction and figuration through sculpture, watercolor and collage. Making a formal and ideological transition within the work, Kure pushes towards abstraction as a means of negotiating the hyper-realism of modern modes of communication and dissemination.

Donna Huanca: “Echo Implant”at Joe Sheftel
February 5–March 8
Opening: February 5, 7–9pm
24A Orchard Street
For “Echo Implant”, Donna Huanca creates an immersive installation featuring new paintings and sculptures that will be activated by scheduled performances in the exhibition space. Donna Huanca’s installations fuse tactile materials, such as clothing and ephemera to create performative architectural collages.

Charles Atlas: “The Waning of Justice” at Luhring Augustine
February 7–March 14
Opening: February 6, 6–8pm
531 West 24th Street
Atlas is a pioneering figure in film and video; for over four decades he has stretched the limits of his medium, forging new territory in a far-reaching range of genres, stylistic approaches, and techniques.


Petra Cortright: “ily” at Foxy Production
February –March 7
Opening: February 6, 6–8pm
623 West 27th Street
Foxy Production presents “ily,” Petra Cortright’s inaugural New York solo exhibition. “ily” (an abbreviation for “I love you”) comprises a series of paintings on reflective Plexiglas that combine both abstract marks and repeated figures.

Olivier Mosset at Koenig & Clinton
February 6–March 14
Opening: February 6, 6–8pm
459 West 19th Street
For nearly 50 years, Mosset’s paintings have challenged conventional notions of artistic originality and production. The current exhibition groups paintings of varying shape and scale, emphasizing the artist’s continual consideration of surface, color, environment, and repetition.

Giulio Paolini at Marian Goodman Gallery
February 6–March 13
Opening: February 6, 6–8pm
24 West 57th Street
The works explore Paolini’s interest in the canon of art history, the notion of authenticity, and the interchangeable roles of artist and spectator as accomplices in the construction of meaning. Rooted firmly between picture space and object space, they offer musings on the creative act, the private space of the studio, and the coming into being and exhibiting of the artwork itself, as well as a personal vision of the non-authorial nature of the artist which has become increasingly central to Paolini’s work.


Ernst Fischer: “18%” at CUE Art Foundation
February 7–March 14
Opening: February 7, 5–7pm
137 West 25th Street
CUE is excited to announce “18%,” an exhibition of new work by New York City-based artist Ernst Fischer, featuring large-format prints and moving images.


Alexis Dahan: “Alarm!” at Two Rams
February 5–22
Opening: February 8, 12–2pm
2 Rivington Street
The exhibition continues Dahan’s investigation into the experience of the city streets as a source for visual experimentations, a location for public art interventions and a place to disseminate philosophical content.

Alexis DahanCharles AtlasCUE Art FoundationDonna HuancaErnst FischerFoxy ProductionGiulio PaoliniJoe SheftelKoenig & ClintonMarcia KureMarian Goodman GalleryOlivier MossetPetra CortrightSusan InglettTwo Rams


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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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