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James Capper

Top Exhibitions Opening This Week in New York (February 9–15)


Danny McDonald at Maccarone
February 10–March 14
Opening: February 10, 6–8pm
98 Morton Street
The presentation includes twelve new sculptures, each of which employs McDonald’s signature vocabulary of particularly arranged figurines. Assembled entirely of props, found objects, and action figures, the sculptures invoke a vast array of fictional characters and celebrities featuring: Gene Simmons, GI Joe, The Joker, Mick Jagger, Axe of Destruction, Eli Manning, Ronald McDonald, The Hulk, The Rock, Freddy Kruger, Gollum, Mini-me, Groucho Marx, Alien, a mad scientist, Frankenstein, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesus Christ, Santa Claus, a ghost, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, a dragon, a unicorn, a fairy, Satan, Robocop, The Dark Emperor, Palpatine, Twinkie The Kid, Uncle Sam, a Gremlin, and Yoda.

Peter Nadin: “Still Life” at Half Gallery
February 10–March 7
Opening: February 10, 6–8pm
43 East 78th Street
In the fall of 1983, a new gallery Spiritual America opened at 5 Rivington Street to little fanfare. Their inauguration featured Richard Prince’s now-iconic image of a young Brooke Shields.  The third exhibition was a group show, Pop, including Jeff Koons, Louise Lawler and Cindy Sherman.  In between these two projects, Peter Nadin hung a series of fruit paintings, “Still Life,” which half gallery is pleased to be re-presenting.

Subodh Gupta: “Seven Billion Light Years” at Hauser & Wirth
February 10–April 24
Opening: February 10, 6–8pm
511 West 18th Street
Spanning the New Delhi-based artist’s career to the present day, the exhibition emphasizes Gupta’s distinctive use of commonplace objects in his ongoing campaign to map the effects of cultural dislocation in our era of shifting powers.


Ross Bleckner & Volker Eichelmann at Sargent’s Daughters
February 11–March 15
Opening: February 11, 6–8pm
179 East Broadway
In this exhibition, Bleckner presents a group of 18 inch paintings, which span a period of roughly twenty years. This is the first time Bleckner has exhibited these works, though the format has been important to Bleckner throughout his career. Usually these paintings are made alongside larger works and serve alternately as experiments, tests, things left out, and things to be remembered.


Francesca Woodman at Marian Goodman Gallery
February 12–March 13
Opening: February 12, 6–8pm
24 West 57th Street
This group of pictures is dedicated to Woodman’s fashion photographs which she pursued and developed in the later years of her life, between 1978 and 1980 primarily while living and working in New York City. Most are shown here for the first time.

James Capper: “Mountaineer” at Paul Kasmin Gallery
February 12–March
Opening: February 12, 6–8pm 
297 Tenth Avenue
This is James Capper’s first show in the U.S., he is represented in London by Hannah Barry gallery. A series of steel sculptures of Mountaineer Teeth and drawings of “earth-moving” and “earth-marking” machines, the artist notes engineer Robert Gilmour Le Tourneau as a source of inspiration.  

Ellen Berkenblit, Lee Maida, Tracy Miller at Derek Eller Gallery
February 12–March 14
Opening: February 12, 6–8pm
615 West 27th Street
Using diverse methods, all three artists are engaged in a process in which representation metamorphoses into abstraction, and images function more as formal devices than descriptors.


Jim Lee at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery
February 13–March 15
Opening: February 13, 6–8pm
327 Broome Street
The exhibition marks the first time that Lee not only has presented an extensive series of works on paper, a central component of his artistic output, but has installed them in dialogue with his canvases. Dissolving distinctions between sculpture, painting and drawing, Lee allows his works on paper to co-exist in an all-embracing practice with his canvases.


Landon Metz at James Fuentes
February 15–March 15
Opening: February 15, 6–8pm
55 Delancey Street
Marking his New York solo debut, this exhibition finds the artist looking to the gallery space itself as both vehicle and content, his ongoing explorations of serial composition newly translated through inventive strategies of presentation and scale.




Jennifer Rochlin's exhibition of new work, “Paintings on Clay,” is on view through July 12 at Hauser & Wirth on 22nd Street in New York.


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