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New York

Lauren Halsey


Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Sarmento Studio, 2014.

Top Exhibitions Opening This Week in New York (March 24-30)

By Olivia Swider

March 28, 2014


Sarah Jones at Anton Kern Gallery
March 27 – April 26
Opening: March 27, 6-8pm
532 West 20th Street
Following on from the recent publication of her monograph by Violette Editions, Jones’ new photographs continue to explore how subjects are measured and transcribed through the large format view camera and flattened in pictorial space.

Wilhelm Sasnal: “Lava” at Anton Kern Gallery
March 27 – April 26
Opening: March 27, 6-8pm
532 West 20th Street
Anton Kern Gallery will present new works on paper by Wilhelm Sasnal, with a comic book to accompany the exhibition.

Matthias Bitzer: “Saturnine Swing” at Marianne Boesky Gallery
March 27 – April 26
Opening: March 27, 4-7pm at 64th Street & 6-8pm at 24th Street
118 East 64th Street & 509 West 24th Street
For “Saturnine Swing,” Matthias Bitzer will use both the uptown and Chelsea gallery spaces to present his drawings, paintings, sculptures, and multi-part installations, ultimately engaging the two spaces and the works contained within to achieve his larger project: a metaphysical space that weaves history, memory, and narrative into a multi-layered realm that addresses the issues activated by our comprehension of reality.

Heather Rowe, William Monk, Richard T. Walker at James Cohan Gallery
March 27 – April 25
Opening: March 27, 6-8pm
533 West 26th Street
James Cohan Gallery presents solo exhibitions by Heather Rowe, William Monk and Richard T. Walker. For this exhibition Rowe presents a new large-scale installation, the latest in a series of works that explore the multiple natures of a “screen” as it might exist within a domestic setting. Richard T. Walker records his encounters with the American landscape in video, installation, text, photography and music, raising questions about the journey toward consciousness and our relationship to the natural world.


Brad Kahlhamer: “Fort Gotham Girls + Boys Club” at Jack Shainman Gallery
March 27 – April 26
Opening: March 28, 6-8pm
513 West 20th Street
Working within a multidisciplinary practice, Kalhamer explores hybridity through the layering and convergence of personal narrative with symbols of public consumption, infusing his imagines spaces with references ranging from Native American visual motifs and traditions to street art and pop culture iconography.

Malick Sidibé at Jack Shainman Gallery
March 27 – April 26
Opening: March 28, 6-8pm
524 West 24th Street
The show includes vintage prints from the 1960s through the 1908s as well as more recent prints made from negatives as early as 1963. The exhibition will also feature several rarely seen color Polaroid photographs. Together the images capture a generation of urban Malians, or Bamakois, as they came of age in the time of Pan-African independence and rock and roll.

Julião Sarmento: “Terra Incognita” at Sean Kelly Gallery
March 28 – May 3
Opening: March 27, 6-8pm
475 Tenth Avenue
The title of the exhibition refers to the “unknown territory” of a fictitious relationship between two great masters, Edgar Degas and Marcel Duchamp, whom Sarmento refers to as “giants of art history.” The fictitious relationship between Degas and Duchamp is represented in the exhibition as a dialogue between three major sculptures by Sarmento.

“First Lines, Like First Dates, Or The First Bite Of Dessert, Can Be Deceptive” at Bortolami Gallery
March 28 – April 26
Opening: March 28
520 West 20th Street
The titled of this three-person exhibition is taken from a text by Ann Beattie in which she discusses the inherent difficulty of beginnings, the first line. Where to start? Beattie nullifies the issue of first impressions by allowing her beginnings to remain elliptical, making the encounter unstable. In this exhibition Ann Veronica Janssens, Kitty Kraus and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané present works where the encounter is not the reveal.


Pieter Vermeersch at Team Gallery
March 30 – April 27
Opening: March 30, 6-8pm
83 Grand Street
Working from positive and negative photographs of planes, often interior spaces or sky, Vermeersch employs gridding and color-mapping techniques associated with the likes of Gerhard Richter and Robert Bechtle. The resultant paintings are both photorealistic and abstract — exact painterly depictions of utterly ambiguous subjects. His exhibition at Team features large paintings on canvas, painted photographs and wall-murals.

Zlatan Vehabović at Marc Straus
March 30 – April 27
Opening: March 30, 5-7pm
299 Grand Street
Vehabović’s current body of work embodies literary adventure themes, such as men at sea and fantastical animals, including a huge beached whale like creature. These works are inspired by the song “My Donal,” written in the 1960s by Scottish author Owen Hand. The song’s narrative, probably set in the 17th or 18th century, addresses the pain endured by the worrying wives of whalers as they grappled with the uncertainty of what would happen to their husbands while at sea.

“Not For All My Little Words” at Marc Straus
March 30 – April 27
Opening: March 30, 5-7pm
299 Grand Street
This exhibition assembles artworks featuring language that remains ambiguous. Statements that at first seem stern and commanding, but after further consideration begin to hover on the edge of playfulness. Works with wry, absurdist humor that come to feel darkly critical over time. “Not For All My Little Words” will feature 18 artists including Matthew Barney, Marcel Dzama, Matthew Higgs, Andrew Kuo, Cary Leibowitz and Bruce Nauman.


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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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