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Top Exhibitions Opening this week in New York (Oct. 15-19)

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Misaki Kawai: “Hair Show” at the Hole
October 15 – November 2
Opening: October 15, 6-9PM
312 Bowery
In “Hair Show,” Kawai will present large scale sculpture, painting, drawing and furniture.  After traveling around Asia for the bulk of 2013, Kawai returned to her studio in Brooklyn with not only tons of sketches and ideas but also materials gathered from Tibet to Vietnam; all manner of fabric, textiles and her favourite pom-poms.  These materials are incorporated into her world of whimsy as she turns drawings into paintings, sculpture into wall works, sketches into furniture, transmuting simple materials into new characters.

Anders Oinonen: “Eyebrow Haircut” at the Hole
October 15 – November 2
Opening: October 15, 6-9PM
312 Bowery
In this exhibition Oinonen presents a group of new oil paintings in a variety of scales and personalities, some of them installed in three dimensional plinths that protrude retro-futuristically from the walls. The paintings are colorful and deep, where subtle decisions about brush stroke order and thickness of paint are used to pull faces out of landscapes and make psysiognomies into hills and valleys and cliffs.


“3×3” at Lisa Cooley
Performance: October 16, 7PM
107 Norfolk Street
3 Projectors.  3 Turntables. A performance by Lilacs and Champagne in Light and Sound, exploring Psychedelic Singularity, Hallucinatory Physics, Phase Inconsistency, Polyrhythmic Tracers, Crystalline Dissolve, Harmonic Decay, and Symmetrical Return.


Michael DeLucia: “Eye of Providence” at Eleven Rivington
October 17 – November 17
Opening:October 17, 6-8PM
11 Rivington & 195 Chrystie
“Eye of Providence” is an investigation into the inherent conflict of interests between Delucia’s virtual medium and his physical materials; his work extends and subverts system based art practice by revealing data and rubrics in the context of contemporary technology and new media; the work recognizes the parameters and constrains for artists working today and DeLucia pointedly identifies the problems and limitations inherent in these conditions, while remaining acutely sensitive to his tools and materials.


Odili Donald Odita: “This, That, and the Other” at Jack Shainman Gallery
October 18 – November 16
Opening: October 18, 6-8PM
513 West 20th Street
“This, That, and the Other” is the third solo exhibition of new paintings by Odili Donald Odita. “These paintings are about the freedom of consideration—the freedom of thought and of considering difference in space and in time.”  -Odili Donald Odita, Philadelphia, 2013

Brad Kahlhamer: “A Fist Full of Feathers” at Jack Shainman Gallery
October 18 – November 16
Opening: October 18, 6-8PM
524 West 24th Street
Over the course of his practice, Kahlhamer has worked within and between the mediums of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance and music. This profusion of media builds layers of influence that are drawn from physical localities, daily surroundings, aesthetic experiences, collected ephemera and conjured histories that are both real and imagined.

Sophie Calle: “Absence” at Paula Cooper Gallery
October 18 – November 16
Opening: October 18, 6-8PM
534 West 21st Street
The works, ever-changing project inspired by the loss of Calle’s mother Rachel Monique, were first exhibited in Venice in 2007, and then in expanded exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo (2010) and the Festival d’Avignon (2012). As Patrick Frey observed in Sophie Calle: The Reader, “Absence recurs in Calle’s oeuvre as a generative drive.” These mementi mori demonstrate the artist’s deft weaving of photographic documentation, narrative texts, found imagery and personal iconography.


Monica Cook: “Milk Fruit” at Postmasters Gallery
October 19 – November 23
Opening: October 19, 6-8PM
54 Franklin
“Milk Fruit” is Monica Cook’s most complex and ambitious work to date. Offering a complete and intricately-realized cosmology of sacrifice and reciprocity embodied by a parade of delicate, soulful animals and their jerry-built chariots, “Milk Fruit” displays the lavish craft and extravagant imagination familiar to those who have followed Cook’s work.

Steve Mumford: “The Snow Leopard” at Postmasters Gallery
October 19 – November 2
Opening: October 19, 6-8PM
54 Franklin
Known for his drawings from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, Steve Mumford was commissioned by Harper’s Magazine to go to Guantanamo. He made two trips in February and May 2013. Current issue of Harper’s includes a portfolio of his drawings along with Lawrence Douglas’ cover story A Kangaroo in Obama’s Court.



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