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Top Exhibitions Opening this Week in New York (Oct. 23- 27)

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Neal Medlyn: “King” at the Kitchen
October 23 – October 26, 8PM
512 West 19th Street
Since 2006, Neal Medlyn has been creating a seven-show performance series in which each piece is built around a pop star or iconic group, from Lionel Richie and Miley Cyrus to the Insane Clown Posse. The Finale of this series, “King,” is built around Michael Jackson ― containing radically rethought versions of his music, intuitively-related source material in sculpture and costume, as well as considerations of Medlyn’s personal and artistic trajectory of the past several years.


Simen Johan at Yossi Milo Gallery
October 24 – December 7
Opening: October 24, 6-8PM
245 10th Avenue
New work from Simen Johan’s ongoing series of photographs and sculptures, Until the Kingdom Comes, which he began in 2005, depicts a natural world that is at once familiar and otherworldly. Most, but not all, of the images are intricate digital constructs incorporating elements the artist photographed in various geographical locations.

Jay Heikes: “Walkabout” at Marianne Boesky Gallery
October 24 – November 30
Opening: October 24, 6-8PM
509 West 24th Street
Walkabout comprises works across a variety of media that explore the notion of art creation as transformative endeavor, physically and conceptually, a pursuit in which the perceived magic is ultimately bounded by the grounding effects of reality.

Callum Innes: “Liminal” at Sean Kelly Gallery
October 25 – December 7
Opening: October 24, 6-8PM
475 Tenth Avenue
Callum Innes is a prominent abstract painter known for using turpentine to wash away sections of his painting and expose new colors. “Liminal” will include recent works from Exposed Paintings and Untitled Lamp Black Paintings, which are marked by a luminous quality that makes the paintings appear as though they are lit from within.

James Casebere: “Selected Works, 1995-2005” at Sean Kelly Gallery
October 25 – December 7
Opening: October 24, 6-8PM
475 Tenth Avenue
James Casebere built and photographed historical and architectural models over a ten-year period. He recreates Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and perverts it by flooding its halls with water, reflecting the nature of American bureaucracy. His works deals with themes of social control and the concept of institutionalized spaces.


Marepe at Anton Kern Gallery
October 25 – December 14
Opening: October 25, 6-8PM
532 West 20th Street
For his third solo show at Anton Kern Gallery, Brazilian artist Marepe presents a group of six sculptures made of common objects and put together with great formal rigor and poetic potential. These works achieve a complex layering of references and meanings addressing the linkage between the individual and society.

Paul Gabrielli: “Daily Chores” at Invisible Exports
October 25 – December 1
Opening: October 25, 6-8PM
89 Eldridge Street
For Daily Chores, Paul Gabrielli has made a series of deconstructionist sculptures, each composed of “everyday objects” that are themselves in fact a characteristic combination of altered, manipulated, and meticulous hand-made elements.

Richard Serra: “New Sculpture” at Gagosian Gallery
October 26 – January 25
Opening: October 25, 6-8PM
555 West 24th Street & 522 West 21st Street
Born in San Francisco in 1938, Richard Serra is one of the most significant artists of his generation. His work in sculpture and drawing has been celebrated with two retrospectives at the Museum of Modern Art twenty years apart: Richard Serra/Sculpture (1986) and Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years (2007). New Sculpture will be exhibited in both Chelsea locations.


William Eggleston: “At Zenith” at Gagosian Gallery
October 26 – December 21
Opening: October 26, 6-8PM
976 Madison Avenue
At Zenith brings together fifteen pigment prints from the Wedgewood Blue cloud series, in which Eggleston takes celestial zenith—the point of sky directly overhead—as his exclusive subject. The photographs represent a broadening of Eggleston’s quotidian subjects—an exploratory, sky-gazing caesura within the lush panorama of his oeuvre.



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