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Claudia Baez

Top Exhibitions Opening This Week in New York (Oct. 6—12)



Claudia Baez:” PAINTINGS after PROUST” at ART 3
October 8 – November 22
109 Ingraham Street
ART 3 ir proud to present its first solo exhibition of Claudia Baez.  Claudia Baez’s paintings are animated by reverence for the history of Western art, rendered in a contemporary expressionistic vocabulary.  In her most recent series “PAINTINGS after PROUST” (2013-2014),  Baez engages in a conversation in paint with the work of some of the greatest artists from the past six centuries.


Jeremy Deprez: “Tenant” at Zach Feuer
October 8 – November 8
548 West 22nd Street
Zach Feuer presents “Tenant”, the gallery’s  first solo exhibition for Texas based artist Jeremy Deprez.  Deprez received his M.F.A. from University of Houston in 2011, and has been recently exhibited at Luxembourg & Dayan (NYC), Texas Gallery (Houston, TX), and Colab Projects/Fretchen (Austin, TX).

Chris Martin at Anton Kern Gallery
October 9 – November 15
532 West 20th Street
Anton Kern Gallery presents the first exhibition of New York painter Chris Martin.  His first show will consist of a selection of new paintings created over the past summer in upstate New York and will be accompanies by a new monograph featuring a conversation with Bob Nickas.

John Stezaker at Petzel Gallery
October 9 – November 8
456 West 18th Street
Shadows and silhouettes have been a dominant feature in Stezaker’s work since the late 1970s.  Stezaker’s “Shadow” silkscreens respond to the projection and enlargement of the cinematic image.  By using redundant lobby stills as his source material, he inverts their stages, condensed and illustrative scale and returns them to the cinematic experience they once endeavored to represent.

Kazuki Umezawa at B2OA
October 9 – November 1
515 West 26th Street
Umezawa’s playful imagery is sourced from the web, anime characters, and other characters the artist views as deities.  His chromatic collages produce a kaleidoscopic sense of an apocalyptic terrain with variegated scenarios for his characters to prevail within.

Michelle Grabner at James Cohan Gallery
October 9 – November 14
533 West 26th Street
Grabner, a Chicago-based artist, is well known most recently for being one of three curators of the Whitney Biennial 2014.  With a career spanning over 30 years, Michelle Grabner has dedicated herself to identifying, indexing and transposing patterns.

Arturo Herrera at Sikkema Jenkins Co.
October 10 – November 15
530 West 22nd Street
Over the past fifteen years, Arturo Herrera has developed a diverse body of work that includes collages, painted wood sculptures, paper cut-outs, felt pieces and wall installations.  This exhibition features Herrera’s first paintings.

Jane Wilson at 90: East Village, East End at DC Moore Gallery
October 9 – November 1
535 West 22nd Street
DC Moore gallery presents paintings by Jane Wilson in celebration of her sixty-year career.  The exhibition will feature a group of rarely seen 1960s cityscapes inspired by New York’s Tompkins Square Park, as well as her recent work, which has brought her recognition as one of the leading landscape painters of our time.


Greg Haberny: “Domestic” at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery
October 10 – November 9
Opening: October 10. 6-8pm
250 Broome Street
Known for his overt cultural and political critique rendered in a deceptively methodical chaos, Haberny now leaves behind pop iconography and social commentary to engage the intersection of personal and collective memory.

Elizabeth Jaeger: “Six-Thirty” at Jack Hanley Gallery
October 10 – November 9
Opening: October 10, 6-8pm
327 Broome Street
Jack Hanley Gallery presents “Six-Thirty”, Brooklyn based artist Elizabeth Jaeger’s first exhibition with the gallery.  The opening reception will feature a continuously looping performance, DRAFT, choreographed by Madeline Hollander.  A second performance will take place on October 25th, accompanied by live music composed by sound artist Celia Hollander.

“Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior” at Red Bull Studios
October 10 – December 14
220 West 18th Street
This  exhibition is a collective and playful exploration of psychedelic consciousness in contemporary art, poetry, performance, and film that crosses the boundary between the dream-world and reality.  Curated by Brooklyn Rail’s Phong Bui, “Spaced Out” features a wide array of artists including site-specific works by artists Jim Lambie, Willy Ryman and Richard Tuttle.  The exhibition will also showcase works by Robert Grober, Lisa Yuskavage, James Siena, Bruce Pearson, Charles LeDray, Peter Saul, Fred Tomaselli and more.

Michael Bell-Smith at Foxy Production
October 10 – November 26
Opening: October 10, 6-8pm
623 West 27th Street
Michael Bell-Smith takes familiar visual elements ‒ from games, advertising, interiors, and corporate design, among other places ‒and positions them within unexpected conceptual frameworks.  His digital animations and appropriations wryly reflect upon our cultural moment: as he tracks the circulation and proliferation of images and sounds, he charts a rapidly changing history of viral content.

Melissa Gordon: “Mimetic Pleasure” at Marianne Boesky Gallery
October 10 – November 9
Opening: October 10, 6-8pm
20 Clinton Street
A presentation of new works from Gordon’s ongoing “Material Evidence” series, “Mimetic Pleasures” takes up questions of authorship and abstraction as advanced in her longer-term bodies of work including “Blow Up Modernists” and “Structures for Viewing”.


Micki Pellerano: “Monoliths” at Envoy  Enterprises
October 12 – November 23
87 Rivington Street
The exhibition premiers a new body of large-scale graphite drawings that emphasizes the significance of architecture and its monumental impressions upon the human psyche.






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