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Top Exhibitions Opening this Week in New York (Oct. 7-12)

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Arlene Shechet: “Slip” at Sikkema Jenkins Co.
October 10 – November 16
Opening: October 10, 6-8PM
530 West 22nd Street
One of the artists at the forefront of the current wave of interest in clay-based sculpture, Arlene Shechet unveils her largest and most ambitious works to date in her inaugural solo presentation at the gallery. Schechet makes tough, muscular and aggressive pieces that nonetheless flaunt her sexuality, challenging notions of gender, form, sculpture and material.

Terry Haggerty: “The Nearness of Objects” at Sikkema Jenkins Co.
October 10 – November 16
Opening: October 10, 6-8PM
530 West 22nd Street

Terry Haggerty’s paintings and large-scale wall drawings are rooted in Minimalism’s elimination of non-essential forms, and in the phenomenology of optical illusion and perception put forth by Op art.

Suzanne McClelland: “Every Inch of My Love” at Team Gallery
October 10 – November 17
Opening: October 10, 6-8PM
83 Grand Street
McClelland’s pictures always find their genesis in textural elements: words and numbers. The artist considers writing as a form of drawing, especially as handwriting falls increasingly out of use, almost entirely replaced by typing.

Conor Backman: “Diorama” at Mixed Greens
October 10 – November 9
Opening: October 10, 6-8PM
531 West 26th Street
“Diorama” consists of new paintings and sculptures that continue Backman’s engagement with representation, reproduction, origin, and translation. The exhibition’s title references both the contemporary interpretation of the word diorama as a framed, re-created model landscape, and the word’s origin as a picture viewing device developed by Louis Daguerre in the early 19th-century.


Mike Bouchet: “Flood” at Marlborough Chelsea
October 11 – November 9
Opening: October 11, 6-8PM
545 West 25th Street
Presented on tow floors of newly renovated galleries, the show brings together new colachrome paintings, Jacuzzi sculptures and a four-channel, high definition video. The artist has not had a solo exhibition in New York in 8 years, and this is his first with the gallery.

“Counter Forms” at Andrea Rosen Gallery
October 12 – November 16
Opening: October 11, 6-8PM
525 West 24th Street
“Counter Forms” brings together an extraordinary group of rarely seen works, predominantly from the 1960s and ‘70s, by four artists whose oeuvres remains as fresh and visceral today as they must have first appeared in their time. The exhibition gathers an unprecedented constellation of artists and exceptional relevance of each artist anew while also highlighting the unexpected resonance of their oeuvres. Artists are as follows Tetsumi Kudo, Alina Szapocznikow, Paul Thek, and Hannah Wilke.

Llyn Foulkes at Andrea Rosen Gallery
October 12 – November 16
Opening: October 11, 6-8PM
544 West 24th Street
With works ranging from 1963 to 1984, this exhibition focuses on the theme of the landscape and the language of post cards.  It’s fascinating to see the diversity in Foulkes’s complex formal language from his signature rag technique using rags to apply and subtract paint to the canvas in a way that anthropomorphizes the rock paintings into denim jean paintings, to the use of drips on the canvases imitating stains of a photograph, or ever painting on top of collaged postcards.

“You Are Here” at the Hole
October 11 – October 13
Opening: October 11, 6-9PM
312 Bowery
Despite the exacting nature of its title, the exhibition’s underlying theme is randomness.  More sensibility than sense, more reblogged than curated, YOU ARE HERE is an exhibition informed by Likes and unpredictability distracted web-browsing histories of never-ending hyperlinked and meta tagged content.  Artists include: Big Egypt 2020, Jacob Ciocci, Josh Reames, Kathy Grayson, Phillip Stearns, Rick Silva,, Ryder Ripps, Thomas Pregiato, Trudy Benson and #Bentrill#.



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