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Top Exhibitions Opening This Week in New York (October 27–November 2)

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“Picasso & the Camera” at Gagosian Gallery
October 28 – January 3
Opening: October 28, 6-8pm
West 21st Street
Curated by Picasso biographer John Richardson, assisted by Gagosian directors Valentina Castellani and Michael Cary, the exhibition explores how Picasso used photography not only as a source of inspiration, but s an integral part of his studio practice.


Brad Jones: “Diptychs” at Sargent’s Daughters
October 29 – December 7
Opening: October 29, 6-8pm
179 East Broadway
Brad Jones is an ongoing collaboration between artist Brandi Twilley and Jennifer Rubell which began in April 2013. The name “Brad Jones” – a loose reconfiguration of Twilley and Rubell’s first names – was imagined by the artists as belonging to the next sensational, aggressive American (male) painter. The pair met three times each week for two hours at a time to engage in live portrait painting sessions in which Twilley paints and a nude Rubell poses.


Geoffrey Farmer: “Cut nothing, Cut parts, Cut the whole, Cut the order of time” at Casey Kaplan
October 30 – December 20
Opening: October 30, 6-8pm
525 West 21st Street
“The care with which the rain is wrong and the green is wrong and the white is wrong, the care with which there is a chair and plenty of breathing. The care with which there is incredible justice and likeness, all this makes a magnificent asparagus, and also a fountain.” —Kathy Acker
“I’m thinking about this now, in New York, while I look out at the rain from the circular window of my hotel room.” —Geoffrey Farmer, born 1967

Klaus Lutz at the Kitchen
October 30 – December 20
Opening: October 30, 6-8pm
512 West 19th Street
As the first look by a US institution at this under-recognized, Swiss-born artist and filmmaker’s oeuvre, this show will feature a selection of Klaus Lutz’s 16mm film loops, as well as some of his meticulous work on paper and artist books.

Ridley Howard: “City Waves” at Koenig & Clinton
October 30 – December 13
Opening: October 30, 6-8pm
459 West 19th Street
The paintings included in the exhibition represent the culmination of a decade-long investigation into the subtle connections between painting and image, depiction and restraint, flatness of color and expansive depth. The imagery presented in “City Waves” conjures fleeting memory and traces of the artist’s autobiography, simultaneously intimate and distant.

Louise Bourgeois: “Suspension” at Cheim & Read
October 30 – January 10
Opening: October 30, 6-8pm
547 West 25th Street
The sculptures in this exhibition all hang from the ceiling. Along with a group of drawings from the 1940s, in which pendulous forms are delineated in black ink, the selection of works traces the theme of suspension throughout Bourgeois’s long career.

Gary Simmons at Metro Pictures
October 30 – November 29
Opening: October 30, 6-8pm
519 West 24th Street
Gary Simmons presents paintings and drawings along with a 40-foot wall-installation. The immense installation on the gallery’s back wall comprises 160 posters for historic boxing matches that Simmons manipulates with saturated colors and his signature “erasure” technique, a process in which Simmons partially obscures elements of his drawings and paintings, leaving behind disintegrated traces of his subject.

Michael St. John, Borna Sammack, Martha Rosler at Andrea Rosen Gallery
October 31 – December 6
Opening: October 30, 6-8pm
525 West 24th Street
Andrea Rosen Gallery presents a three-person show of Michael St. John, Borna Sammack, and Martha Rosler that investigates transition, transformation, documentation and representation. Taking city as site, while all artists look to and pull from the urban and cultural landscape, they each hold completely unique

Magali Reus, Bill Bollinger, John Divola at Andrea Rosen Gallery
October 31 – December 6
Opening: October 30, 6-8pm
544 West 24th Street
This three-person exhibition presents the works of Magali Reus, with Bill Bollinger’s Graphite Piece (1969) and photographs from John Divola’s Dark Star Series. Approximating the scale and basic materiality of fridge-freezer appliances and cooking pots, Magali Reus’ Lukes and Dregs sculptures are relegated to archeological status and play out in materially luxurious compositions that puzzle human relationships to inanimate matter and their function.

Joel Holmberg: “You Line” at American Contemporary
October 30 – December 19
Opening: October 30, 6-8pm
4 East 2nd Street
“You Line” is a solo exhibition presented by American Contemporary featuring works by Joel Holmberg. The the artist works within painting, sculpture, and other polymorphic colorful fields. A recent Yale graduate, Holmberg has had solo shows at Outpost in Norwich, U.K., Harmony Gallery in L.A., and Cleopatra’s in Brooklyn.


“Something Beautiful” at Marianne Boesky Gallery
November 1 – December 20
Opening: November 1, 6-8pm
118 East 64th Street
“Something Beautiful” is a group show curated by Nicolas Wagner and Khary Simon of CRUSHfanzine. This exhibition uses the lens of contemporary photographic portraiture to examine the ideals of youth as a product of memory and the wisdom of hindsight. Artists Jeff Burton, Sue de Beer, Keith Edmier, Roe Ethridge, Annika Larsson, Deana Lawson, Viviane Sassen, Paul Mpagi Seputa, Xaviera Simmons, Dorothée Smith, Eva Stenram, Eric Stephany, and Wu Tsang come together here offering varied photographic visions that portray different manifestations of this shifting space―between youth and maturity, between the ideal and the true.



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