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Top Exhibitions Opening This Week in New York (Sept. 1–7)

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Farhad Moshiri “FLOAT” at Galerie Perrotin
September 4 – October 4, 2014
Opening: September 4, 6-8pm
909 Madison Avenue
This is Moshiri’s fourth show with the gallery, and first in New York. In this new group of work, the artist “floats” between mediums, reality and fantasy, high- and low-brow.

Allan McCollum: “The Shapes Project:Perfect Couples” at Friedrich Petzel
September 4 – October 4
Opening: September 4, 6-8pm
456 West 18th Street
McCollum has for years challenged our culture’s tendency to value single unique artworks over objects produced in large quantities. For “The Shapes Project,” that started back in 2005, he has set out to design a system that would allow for the production of a single, unique shape for every person in the world.

Nick Cave: “Rescue” and “Made for Whites by Whites” at Jack Shainman Gallery
September 4 – October 11
Opening: September 4, 1-6pm
524 West 24th Street & 513 West 20th Street
On view at 524 West 24th Street will be Cave’s body of work “Rescue.” The series comprises sculptures that incorporate found ceramic dogs sitting on furniture within elaborate grottos or dreamlike dens. Many of the works included in “Made for Whites by Whites,” on view at 513 West 20th Street, have formal similarities to the “Rescues” in that central found objects are presented within elaborate armatures built up with items from Cave’s familiar lexicon of ceramic bird and flowers, porcelain fruit, and copies of Capodimonte.

Lily van der Stokker: “Huh” at Koenig & Clinton
September 4 – October 18
Opening: September 4, 6-8pm
459 West 19th Street
This is Lily van der Stokker’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, in which the artist celebrates defiance and embellishment in both subject and form, with all new works—all pink.  “Huh” presents a greater discussion about beauty, femininity, and optimism to which the ugly, the cheap, and the vacant are tethered.

Brian Calvin at Anton Kern Gallery
September 4 – October 4
Opening: September 4, 6-8pm
532 West 20th Street
For his fourth solo show at Anton Kern Gallery, Los Angeles-based artist Brian Calvin presents a group of paintings of faces, closely cropped or just of mouths and lips, as well as figures posing, some reflecting in a mirror.

Lothar Hempel: “People Like You Find It Easy” at Anton Kern Gallery
September 4 – October 4
Opening: September, 6-8pm
532 West 20th Street
Like a futuristic stage impresario, and seemingly without effort, Hempel choreographs figures and objects, matches disparate materials and techniques, and arranges geometric shapes, luminous colors, and sinuous organic lines into paintings and drawings of self-conscious aplomb.

Rachel Lee Hovnanian: “Plastic Perfect” at Leila Heller Gallery
September 4 – October 18
Opening: September 4, 6-8pm
568 West 25th Street
In “Plastic Perfect,” Hovnanian revisits obsession, narcissism, and intimacy in a collection of interactive installations, sculpture, video, and photography to explore where our natural and synthetic worlds collide.  The artist takes us back 50 years to answer questions about digital technology today and its future trajectory, challenging viewers to reevaluate his or her own relationship with the medium.


Henry Codax at Martos Gallery
September 5 – October 4
Opening: September 5, 6-8pm
540 West 29th Street
Martos Gallery presents a solo show of monochrome paintings by Henry Codax. Working for the first time in iridescent hue, Codax’s show features thirteen 7 x 7 foot silver paintings that seamlessly line the walls of the gallery.

Despina Stokou: “Only Tomatoes and Horses” at Derek Eller Gallery
September 5 – October 4
Opening: September 5, 6-8pm
615 West 27th Street
In this show, the narrative platform is tomatoes and horses. The series of black and white paintings originate from the source code of the Google image search for the word “tomatoes,” effectively a database of all the existing images of tomatoes on the Internet.

Roger Hiorns at Luhring Augustine
September 6 – October 11
Opening: September 5, 6-8pm
531 West 24th Street
Hiorn’s work generates and inhabits interstices between dissentient ideas: construction and destruction; the theological and the technological; the temporality and permanence; authoritarian control and organic spontaneity.

Monika Sosnowska: “Tower” at Hauser & Wirth
September 5 – October 24
Opening: September 5, 6-8pm
511 West 18th Street
Known for large-scale, site-specific installations, Sosnowska creates psychologically charged art rooted in existing structures and influenced by the built environment. She manipulates forms – collapsing, twisting, and squeezing steel – into disorienting configurations that not only alter perceptions of physical space but challenge our certainties about memory and our assumptions about societal structures.


James Bishop at David Zwirner
September 6 – October 25
Opening: September 6, 6-8pm
537 West 20th Street
The first solo show of Bishop’s in New York since 1987, it focuses on large, square-format paintings from the 1960s and 1980s.  

Daria Irincheeva: “Circadian Rhythm” at Postmasters Gallery
September 6 – October 11
Opening: September 6, 5:30-8
54 Franklin Street
Irincheeva’s first solo exhibition at Postmasters is of rough, precarious constructions weaves painting, sculpture and installation together. They imply impermanence, flux, entropy, change, adaptation. Just like daytime building and nighttime collapse, failure leads to reconstruction, transformation, and ultimately hope.


Peter Fend: “Word Stacks and Flags” at Essex Street
September 7 – October 26
Opening: September 7, 6-8pm
114 Eldridge Street

This is Peter Fend’s second show at Essex Street. His first show “Über die Grenze,” in 2012, has been re-shown at Fondazione Giuliani, Rome; The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The Hague; White Columns, New York; and Apexart, New York.

Heather Guertin: “Development” at Brennan & Griffin
September 7 – October 12
Opening: September 7, 6-8pm
55 Delancey Street
The word “development” can be used in different contexts while maintaining the same meaning. For this exhibition, developing countries, housing developments, and character development are addressed through painting and writing.

Ryan McGinley: “YEARBOOK” at Team Gallery
September 7 – October 5
Opening: September 7, 6-8pm
83 Grand Street
“YEARBOOK” is a single artwork that consists of over five hundred studio portraits of some two hundred models, always in the nude, printed on vinyl, and adhered of every available inch of the gallery’s walls and ceilings. The installation’s effect is hugely impressive in its standalone visual power, an enveloping entity flooding the entire space with bold color and form.

Cory Arcangel: “tl ; dr” at Team Gallery
September 7 – October 5
Opening: September 7, 6-8pm
47 Wooster Street
For this New York exhibition, Arcangel has produced a body of work expanding upon his use of cultural and technological obsolescence as the source of an artistic vocabulary.



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