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San Francisco

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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

David LaChapelle

Top Exhibitions Opening This Week in NY (Jan 13-19)

By Olivia Swider

January 15, 2014


Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Fred Sandback at David Zwirner
January 14 – March 1
537 West 20th Street
While predominantly known for their three-dimensional works, drawing and printmaking were valued techniques that each of these artists engaged with throughout their careers. The mechanical and collaborative components inherent to the process of printmaking had clear correlations to their shared Minimal aesthetic, and it proved to be an additional medium for these artists to express their understanding of space and material.


“Looking Back: The 8th White Columns Annual” at White Columns
January 16 – February 22
Opening: January 15, 6-8pm
320 West 13th Street
“Looking Back” is the eighth installment of the White Columns Annual. Each year, an individual or a collaborative team is invited to make an exhibition at White Columns based on their personal experience of looking at art in New York in the previous year. Selected by Pati Hertling with over 40 participating artists including Konrad Lueg, Carissa Rodriguez, Zilia Sánchez, Danh Vo, Hannah Wilke, and Amy Yao.


“Bad Conscience” at Metro Pictures
January 16 – February 22
Opening: January 16, 6-8pm
519 West 24th Street
“Bad Conscience” is an exhibition organized by artist and writer John Miller that features a multigenerational group of artists with whom Miller has collaborated in the past or maintains regular dialogue. The paintings, photographs and moving images included in the exhibition elicit a disquieting effect that Miller attributes to a troubled process of representation. There are over 15 participating artists in the exhibition including Caleb Considine, Dan Graham, Leigh Ledare, Marilyn Minter, and Greg Parma Smith.

“Grounded” at Pace Gallery
January 17 – February 22
534 West 25th Street
“Grounded” features a dynamic selection of floor-based sculpture by seminal figures in modern and contemporary art. The exhibition will present work from 1967 to 2013 by artists including Carl Andre, John Chamberlain, Tara Donovan, Tom Friedman, Tim Hawkinson, Maya Lin, Claes Oldenburg and Coosjie van Bruggen, Joel Shapiro, Kiki Smith, Keith Tyson, and Fred Wilson.

Lynda Benglis at Cheim & Read
January 16 – February 15
Opening: January 16, 6-8pm
547 West 25th Street
Benglis’s ceramics condense the full-bodied gesture of her earlier work into the more focused expressions of her hands. As with her other work, color becomes an equally important component. Benglis’s glazes – pinks and mauves, earthy greens, blacks, ochres, and blues – are oozed, dripped, brushed and poured on, coalescing in some areas and avoiding others, providing texture and variability to the already tactiles, unglazed surface of the clay.

Y.Z. Kami: “Paintings” at Gagosian Gallery
January 16 – February 22
Opening: January 16, 6-8pm
980 Madison Avenue
Kami’s portraits of introspective subjects, often with eyes closed as though in meditation, project a broad and inviting spiritual presence. With his own photographs of family, friends and strangers as source material, he uses faces as vessels to convey an almost sacred and universal atmosphere of reflection.

Paige Powell: “Jean-Michel Basquiat Reclining Nude” at Suzanne Geiss Company
January 16 – February 22
Opening: January 16, 6-8pm
76 Grand Street
“Jean-Michel Basquiat, Reclining Nude” is an exhibition of rare candid photographs of Jean-Michel Basquiat taken by Paige Powell. This is the first presentation of photographs from Powell’s comprehensive archive, a significant chronicle of 1980’s art and culture in America. Her work offers uncommon glimpses into the lives of artists and friends who participated in the cultural transformations of the era.

Robert Bechtle at Gladstone Gallery
January 17 – February 15
Opening: January 16, 6-8pm
515 West 24th Street
Bechtle’s paintings, watercolors, and drawings reflect with startling accuracy his vision of contemporary America. Throughout his career, Bechtle has returned to motifs such as the streets of his native San Francisco, automobiles, self-portraits, and his family to portray the American landscape.


David LaChapelle: “Land Scape” at Paul Kasmin Gallery
January 17 – March 1
Opening: January 17, 6-8pm
293 Tenth Avenue
“Land Scape” is an exhibition of new photographs by David LaChapelle. LaChapelle draws on an immense lexicon of art historical references, current events, and popular culture, to make visually compelling images, each unique in their narrative and evocative content.


David Ratcliff: “Klan Paintings” at Team Gallery
January 19 – March 2
Opening: January 19, 6-8pm
47 Wooster Street
David Ratcliff’s process is always appropriative: he gathers visuals (often drawings or texts) from a wide variety of media, constructs large hand-made stencils and then spray-paints the collaged images onto canvases. In his latest body of paintings, the artist turns his attention exclusively to the Ku Klux Klan. These works take as both their form and their subject the official documents of the organization: incident reports, order forms, meeting minutes, etc.

Carina Brandes: “Willkommen” at Team Gallery
January 19 – February 16
Opening: January 19, 6-8pm
83 Grand Street
Carina Brande’s black and white photographs are fever dreams: the familiar becomes foreign, the quotidian surreal. They explore the uncanny through unexpected juxtapositions of ordinary ephemera — people, animals and things. The images are neither documents of the real nor subjective creations, occupying instead a strange in-between of truth and fiction.

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