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Matthew Brandt

Top Exhibitions Opening This Week in NY (March 17 – 23)


Jeffrey Vallance at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
March 20 – April 19
Opening: March 20, 6-8pm
521 West 21st Street
For over thirty years Jeffrey Vallance has created mixed media pieces inspired by his world travels. Though much of his works resemble anthropological relics, they have a comedic element to them as well. Vallance, who once held a funeral for a frozen hen, possesses an obsessive and clever perspective.

Carla Klein at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
March 20 – April 19
Opening: March 20, 6-8pm
521 West 21st Street
Klein’s paintings are fashioned after her own photographs, though obscured enough as to appear abstract. The sublime landscapes are large in scale, as to seem lifelike.

Howard Fonda: “Everything and Nothing” at Mixed Greens
March 20 – April 19
Opening: March 20, 6-8PM
531 West 26th Street
In Everything and Nothing, Fonda will exhibit a new series of largely autobiographical oil paintings and drawings. For Fonda, painting is a spiritual outpost, with the finished works existing as byproducts of instinct, thought, contemplation, and struggle.

Susan Graham: “Spiral Landscape” at Mixed Greens
March 20 – May 23
Opening: March 20, 6-8pm
531 West 26th Street
Mixed Greens and Projective City are pleased to present an ambitious, site-specific installation by Susan Graham in which an entire wall of the gallery, from floor to ceiling, will be consumed by a giant mandala-like spiral made of porcelain sculptures are sugar objects affixed directly to the wall.

Matthew Brandt: “Excavations” at Yossi Milo Gallery
March 20 – May 10
Opening: March 20, 6-8pm
245 Tenth Avenue
In a digital world, Brandt upholds fading photographic materials and processes. His work explores vastly different photographic technologies and finds common ground between the medium and the subject. For the artist’s new bodies of work, subject and material converge in unexpected ways to create one-of-a-kind photographs that incorporate remnants from history to form a composite picture of today.

Gary Stephan at Susan Inglett Gallery
March 20 – April 26
522 West 24th Street
Stephan’s “constructivist” paintings materialize as incomplete outlines, privileging shadows and abstract narratives. Initially envisioned with landscape or architectural imagery in mind, Stephan peels back the layers to intentionally reveal the process of construction.


“Re-framing History” at Galerie Lelong
March 21 – April 26
528 West 26th Street
The context surrounding an image, or its isolation without context, addresses the question of how the framing and re-framing of images influences our understanding of what we see and more broadly, of history. This exhibition brings together Sarah Charlesworth, Juan Manuel Echavarría, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Alfredo Jaar, Emily Jacir, Susan Meiselas, and Krzysztof Wodiczko, who demonstrate exceptional moral and formal rigor in their analysis of contemporary reality.

Rob Fischer: “Good Weather” at Derek Eller Gallery
March 21 – April 19
Opening: March 21, 6-8pm
615 West 27th Street
The centerpiece of this exhibition is a large-scale house comprised of panes of glass, welded steel, and re-purposed wood flooring. The piece contains many of the furnishings of a functional domicile but remains ambiguous about its habitability.

Leigh Ledare at Mitchell Innes & Nash
March 21 – April 26
Opening: March 21, 6-8pm
534 West 26th Street
Ledare’s methodology is both conceptual and performative. His work maps socio-psychological relations inscribed within the various orders of photography, language, and public and private social constructions. Ledare’s work crosses disciplines but regularly utilizes photography, the archive, text, and film.


“Carter: Beside Myself” at Lisa Cooley
March 23 – April 27
Opening: March 23, 6-8pm
107 Norfolk Street
Moving seamlessly between painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, and film, Carter’s work manifests something invisible, an oscillation between absence and presence. The exhibition is aptly titled Beside Myself, a phrase chosen by the artist, because “it’s an intense definition of something ineffable – the idea that someone experiencing such an extreme state of emotion – good or bad – that one is out of one’s body, or has left the body…creating a double.”

Ellie Ga: “Four Thousand Blocks” at Bureau
March 23 – April 27
Opening: March 23, 6-8pm
178 Norfolk Street
The centerpiece of Four Thousand Blocks will be the eponymous three-channel video occupying the main space of the gallery. Ellie Ga’s current body of work, which has been in development for the greater part of three years, starts with one word: (le) Phare, French for lighthouse.





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