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Courtesy of Cheim and Read

Top Exhibitions
Opening this Week
(Sept. 9 – 14)


“Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream” at Greene Naftali
September 5 – October 5
Opening: September 10, 6-8PM
508 West 26th Street
This cross-generational exhibition featuring works by Ed Ruscha, Alex Hubbard, Julie Becker, Lutz Bacher, and Rachel Harrison attempts to shine a light on the dark underside of the sphinx-like term Dreamer. The exhibition takes its title from Joan Didion’s 1966 essay about double-identity in the San Bernardino Valley, the last stop for all those who came from somewhere else.

Courtesy of Cheim and Read

Kerry James Marshall: “Dollar for Dollar” at Jack Shainman Gallery
September 10 – October 12
Opening: September 10, 5-8PM
524 West 24th Street
“Dollar for Dollar” is an exhibition of sculpture and paintings by Kerry James Marshall. Marshall is known for figurative paintings that challenge and engage Western art history while making black identity and representation their prime subject.


Courtesy of Friedman Benda Gallery

Josh Smith at Luhring Augustine
September 12 – October 26
Opening: September 11, 6-9PM
25 Knickerbocker Avenue
The work of Josh Smith is distinguished by his mastery of multiple mediums (including painting, collage, sculpture, book and printmaking, and ceramics), his tireless production, and his tendency to acknowledge trends in painting and sculpture by expressly upending them. This will mark Smith’s fourth exhibition with the gallery and will consist of two presentations, one on view at its Chelsea location and the other one on view at its Bushwick location.

Ashley Bickerton at Lehmann Maupin
September 11 – October 26
Opening: September 11, 6-8PM
201 Chrystie Street
Ashley Bickerton’s upcoming exhibition features a combination of multi-media work ranging from figuration to pure abstraction that masterfully combine painting, sculpture and photography. For decades, Bickerton has experimented with the nature of these three disciplines, striving to find a perfect harmony that manifests in both the two and three dimensions.

A Monobrow Manifesto (Hot/Not)


Angel Otero: “Gates of Horn and Ivory” at Lehmann Maupin
September 12 – November
Opening: September 12, 6-8PM
540 West 26th Street
Otero’s second solo show at the gallery features a new group of sculptures made from steel and porcelain, two materials the artist began experimenting with 2012. A selection of new abstract paintings will also be exhibited in tandem with the sculptures. These experimental and spontaneous paintings are deeply informed by the history of art and recall the gestural work of Abstract Expressionists painters such as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning.


Philip-Lorca diCorcia: “Hustlers” at David Zwirner
September 12 – October 26
Opening: September 12, 6-8PM
525 West 19th Street
Between 1990 and 1992, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, funded by a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, made multiple trips to Los Angeles to scout locations, invent scenarios, and ultimately find male prostitutes that would agree to pose for photographs. DiCorcia used his fellowship money to pay the men whatever price they charged for their most typical service, and ultimately prompted a complaint of misuse of government funds. The titles of these encounters amplify the facts: Ralph Smith, 21 years old, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and $25.

“Lonely Girl” at Martos Gallery
September 12 – October 26
Opening: September 12, 6-8PM
540 West 29th Street
“Lonely Girl” will present a group of  7 female artists all under the age of 30; these artists continuously use multiple online platforms as medium to simultaneously showcase themselves and their creative output. The artists in this show represent an unprecedented moment in cultural history—where the artist themselves can be equally or sometimes more visible than their artworks themselves. Artists include: Al Baio, Petra Cortright, Maggie Lee, Greem Jellyfish, Bunny Rogers, Analisa Teachworth, and Amalia Ulman. Organized by Asher Penn.

PVC and print and helium

Paul Cocksedge: “CAPTURE” at Friedman Benda
September 12 – October 12
Opening: September 12, 6-8PM
515 West 26th Street
“CAPTURE” will introduce new works developed by Cocksedge over the last four and half years that push the mediums of light and structure, including a large-scale light installation, a collection of dramatic, seemingly impossible, hand-wrought dome lamps, and Poised, a series of unyielding steel tables inspired by the delicacy of paper.

Annette Kelm at Andrew Kreps Gallery
September 12 – November 2
Opening: September 12, 6-8PM
537 West 22nd Street
Kelm works traditionally; her photographs are taken with an analogue middle and large-format camera and are individually handmade. She produces both individual and series of works with individual motifs and, in her exhibitions, shows a combination of photographs that refuse to submit to a single reading of a theme or concept.

118 inches diameter sphere

Ian Davenport: “Colorfall” at Paul Kasmin Gallery
September 12 – October 19
Opening: September 12, 6-8PM
293 Tenth Avenue
“Colorfall” is comprised of a selection of new and recent paintings epitomizing Davenport’s unique approach and artistic vision – one that he has developed to investigate color, movement, light, and surface. The former Turner Prize nominee explains his new body of work was inspired by placing historical masterpieces in conversation with modern technology, such as Photoshop.

Barry McGee at Cheim & Read
September 12 – October 26
Opening: September 12, 6-8PM
547 West 25th Street
This is Barry McGee’s first solo show with Cheim & Read, and his first in New York in 8 years. For this exhibition McGee assembled clusters of framed drawings and hand-painted wood panels accompany loose stacks of embellished surfboards, fetish-like wooden objects, and specially-made furniture. Drawings, paintings and sculptures are treated equally; echoing his anti-establishment sensibility, McGee refuses hierarchies of material or subject matter.

© Slavs and Tatars

Jonas Wood at Anton Kern Gallery
September 12 – October 19
Opening: September 12, 6-8PM
532 West 20th Street
Jonas Wood’s fourth solo show at Anton Kern Gallery presents a collection of paintings that transform everyday spaces, subjects, and artifacts from his daily life into novel encounters. These energetic new works expose a complex interweaving of personally charged subject matter and locales that imbue the paintings with emotional depth and evoke a bewildering sense of familiarity and awe.

“Pataphysics: A theoretical exhibition” at Sean Kelly Gallery
September 13 – October 19
Opening: September 12, 6-8PM
475 Tenth Avenue
A group exhibition of works by Ai Weiwei, Darren Bader, Joseph Beuys, Olaf Breuning, Los Carpinteros, Maurizio Cattelan, Marcel Duchamp, Iran do Espírito Santo, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Kate Gilmore Rodney Graham, Laurent Grasso, David Hammons, Institute for Creative Destruction, International Necronautical Society, David Shrigley, Alexandre Singh, Slavs and Tatars, Tavares Strachan, Javier Téllez, Jorinde Voigt, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Peter Liversidge, Kris Martin, Jonathan Monk, Yoko Ono, Matthew Ritchie, and Hennessey Youngman.

Courtesy of The Third Line, Dubai / Sean Kelly, New York


Bjarne Melgaard: “Ignorant Transparencies” at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise
September 14 – October 26
Opening: September 14, 6-8PM
620 Greenwich Street
Melgaard cannot stop, in the past 24 months alone he has staged 7 exhibitions.  He is the most prodigiously compulsive, excessively promiscuous exhibitor working today. His oppressively constant creation becomes instantaneous, lionhearted fulfillment, no matter how amoral or antisocial the art.  Questions of taste and quality become slippery and messy, in an all-out irrational, anti-narrative pathos.




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