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New York



Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Exhausted Carrot
Exhausted Carrot

Top NYC Exhibitions Opening This Week (February 19 – 22)

By Whitewall

February 21, 2013


Alan Uglow at David Zwirner
February 19 – March 23
Opening: February 19, 6-8PM
519 West 19th Street
Working in series that evolved slowly over decades, Uglow always remained faithful to his central visions and his practice was unaffected by the increasingly commercial demands of the art scene in the 1980s and 1990s. His paintings revolve around a subtle dialogue between notions of center and edge, and are executed gradually, with several layers of paint. Organized by Bob Nickas.

Open Gallery

Exhausted Carrot


Gert & Uwe Tobias: “Untitled ‘13” at Team Gallery
February 21 – March 30
Opening: February 21, 6-8PM
83 Grand Street
47 Wooster Street
Since the early 200s, Gert and Uwe Tobias, artist collaborative and twin brothers, have developed a unique and multivalent practice that covers the spectrum of media from drawing, collage, typography, painting and printmaking, to ceramics, and installation.

Open Gallery


Ansel Krut at Marlborough Chelsea
February 21 – March 30
Opening: February 21, 6-8PM
545 West 25th Street
At first blush, Ansel Krut’s paintings might be considered quite old-fashioned in their making and appearance. Modest in scale and loosely taking portraiture and still-life as their subject, they could have conceivably been produced almost anywhere in the West in the last 100 years.

Alsoudani, Bacon, Guston, Rego at Marlborough Chelsea
February 21 – March 30
Opening: February 21, 6-8PM
545 West 25th Street
This exhibition brings together paintings of three world-renowned artists: Francis Bacon, Philip Guston and Paula Rego as well as recent paintings by the New York based artist Ahmed Alsoudani. Each of these artists confronts issues of violence and power, shifting between personal, political and historical events while maintaining a dialogue with the tradition of figurative painting.

Miroslaw Balka: “The Order of Things” at Gladstone Gallery
February 22 – March 30
Opening: February 21, 6-8PM
530 West 21st Street
Employing non-traditional art materials, Balka will create a monumental work that draws on historical tragedy to reflect on the limits of the world, continuity, and catastrophe.


Wilhelm Sasnal at Anton Kern Gallery
February 22 – April 6
Opening: February 22, 6-8PM
532 West 20th Street
For his fifth solo exhibition at Anton Kern Gallery, Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal has selected group of paintings and works on paper around the theme of Kodak, the now defunct film and camera manufacturer.


Thomas Zipp: “The Chips Are Down” at Harris Lieberman
February 23 – March 30
Opening: February 23, 6-8PM
508 West 26th Street
The exhibition’s title is borrowed from the Jean-Paul Sartre play that explores reality and irreality through its character’s existence in life and death. This idea of duality is a hallmark of Zipp’s work and is central to his new exhibition at Harris Lieberman.

Alan UglowAnsel KrutAnton Kern GalleryDavid ZwirnerGert & Uwe TobiasGladstone GalleryMarlborough ChelseaMiroslaw BalkaTeam GalleryWilhelm Sasnal


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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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