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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Synchrodogs, "FLOWERMANIA," courtesy of the artists.
Synchrodogs, "Nature Twins #1,"
Synchrodogs, "FLOWERMANIA," courtesy of the artists.

Ukrainian Artists Synchrodogs Speak on Overcoming Crisis

By Pearl Fontaine

March 15, 2022

Earlier this month, artists on SuperRare launched a special sale raising funds for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The cause saw 13 artists auctioning off NFTs, giving proceeds to various organizations of their choice, with SuperRare Labs and SuperRare DAO joining the cause, as well. Donating profits to the likes of Unchain Fund, Ukrainian Relief Fund, Save the Children, and The Ukrainian Red Cross Society, to name a few, the participating creators included names like Krista Kim, Victor Fota, XCOPY, Olive Allen, and the Ukrainian duo, Synchrodogs.

Art and fashion photographers creating captivating, surrealist imagery, Synchrodogs—comprised of artists Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova—have seen work published for Harper’s Bazaar, Purple, L’Officiel, and even covers for VOGUE Ukraine. For the sale on SuperRare, they selected for auction the first of a series titled Nature Twins, which depicts two entangled nude figures, lying in a pile of earthy matter. After the sale, Whitewall caught up with the pair to learn more about the NFT they auctioned, where they donated their proceeds, and what the rest of the world can do to help their fellow citizens.

WHITEWALL: Why did you choose Nature Twins #1 in particular as the NFT for this sale? Tell us about the work.

SYNCHRODOGS: This particular work is associated with the mood of peace and serenity in our souls. The whole project consists of 12 years of work and was taken all over the world including Ukraine, the USA, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sri Lanka, Iceland. This particular piece was taken on Mallorca Island when we were sailing a boat and accidentally got to the land that was not possible to go by car or walking. The place was empty for many miles around, letting us feel that serenity we strive for today like never before.

WW: What is most important for people to keep in mind during times of crisis such as this one?

S: We personally like to concentrate on the full picture and keep doing what we can, and in the full picture we see Ukraine eventually free from Russia when the war ends. We are optimistic about the future of our brave people, and it is not blind optimism, it is proved by the fact that 100 percent of Ukrainians are united and ready to fight for their future. We think we can overcome crisis simply by helping each other, and we all do it now like a full-time job.

WW: You’ve said you’ll be donating to different organizations based on daily needs. What are some of the needs you’re seeing right now and the organizations you’ve chosen to fill those?

S: There are needs that are to be supported non-stop (like the army, defense, medical aid) and for that general purpose we usually donate to the Return Alive Foundation. But apart from this, the social media of many Ukrainians functions as help centers to collect money for refugees and coordinate humanitarian aid, find places to stay, or transport to evacuate. So we donate to small trusted groups often as well, as they need urgent money the same moment a group of refugees arrives or needs transport, and it would take long to wait for money from big governmental donation centers to be redirected to them. Also, we donate to territory defense forces (for instance Teple Misto) who collects money for bulletproof vests—safety first.

WW: What can readers and the general public do at this point that would be most impactful for citizens of Ukraine?

S: The most impactful would be if all citizens don’t keep silent and talk aloud calling for their governments to support Ukraine more, close the sky above our country—it would save thousands of lives as Russians are bombing civilians to make chaos; big parts of cities like Kharkiv, Bucha, Chernihiv, and others are destroyed by now. Also providing air defense would make it easier for Ukraine to stand against the second biggest army in the World.

Each and every citizen of the world can support our country not necessarily in a military way, but simply by donating to help as millions of Ukrainians lost their homes and had to become refugees. We are very grateful to every kind soul helping Ukraine these days, let all good things and kindness come back to you.

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Synchrodogs, "Nature Twins #1,"


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