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What to See:
Top Exhibitions Opening This Week

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After (just about) surviving Sandy, NYC’s Chelsea galleries are bouncing back this 2013 with a fresh new roster of exhibitions to help us get over our January blues. This week sees a host of new exhibits that we’re getting excited about; from Richard Birkett looking back at his 30 favorite artists of 2012 in White Column’s much anticipated “7th Annual” to the minimalist musings of Sol LeWitt at James Cohan Gallery.

Every Tuesday we will bring you our top exhibitions.

Untitled 18, From the series Kathy Acker’s Clothes, 1999-2004


Meg Webster at Paula Cooper Gallery
January 9–February 9, 2013
Opening: January 10, 6PM – 8PM
534 West 21st Street
The artist is exhibiting a selection of works of varying scales, each formally bound by its naturally derived material. A life-sized, polished steel mirrored cruciform invites the viewer to approach it with arms outstretched, while a small copper disk, placed between one’s palms, suggests a more intimate experience.

Self-portrait as Kali Conner (Untitled Series), 2012


Wendell Castle: “A New Environment” at Friedman Benda
Januray 10–February 9, 2013
Opening: January 10, 6PM – 8PM
515 West 26th Street
Wendell Castle has produced a major work – an installation of stack-laminated pieces spanning two-stories, set into an iron base. Inviting dreamers to imagine, Castle incorporates seating pieces, a table, a lamp, and a spiral staircase leading to a nest resembling a tree house. A culmination of Castle’s own history of ideas and the resolution of formidable technical challenges, this dynamic environment offers Castle’s public a bewitching play of abstraction, function, and fantasy.

Fabio Viale Souvenir (Pietà) III, 2006

Sol LeWitt: “Cut Torn Folded Ripped” at James Cohan Gallery
January 10–February 9, 2013
Opening: January 10, 6PM – 8PM
533 West 26th Street
Cut Torn Folded Ripped is an exhibition of rare early works on paper by Sol LeWitt spanning 1967 to 1979. Works on view are selected from what are known as “$100 Drawings,” a body of work that encompasses more than 900 pieces of manipulated paper, photographs, maps and newspapers.

Robert Lazzarini: “(damage)” at Marlborough Chelsea
January 10–February 16, 2013
Opening: January 10, 6PM – 8PM
545 West 25th Street
Robert Lazzarini charts a new American landscape, one that is fragmented, broken, disturbed and, of course, distorted.  We are given a safe, a window, a liquor sign, a motel door, a chain-link fence topped by barbed wire, a padlock and chain, all blown or busted. All of these are cut free from their original setting, and all bent by some force other than the intimately human (such as a kick, a cut, or a punch) even as they exhibit the effects of the latter as well.

Festone, 1984

Grigorio Griffa: “Fragments 1968-2012” at Casey Kaplan
January 10–March 2, 2013
Opening: January 10, 6PM – 8PM
525 West 21st Street
Spanning four decades of Griffa’s career, this is the first solo exhibition of the artist’s work in New York since 1970, as well as his first in the US since 1973.

Fabio Viale: “Stargate” at Sperone Westwater 
January 10–February 23, 2013
Opening: January 10, 6PM – 8PM
257 Bowery
Fabio Viale’s first solo exhibition in New York. For his realistic sculptures, Viale uses marble exclusively to re-contextualize banal objects, such as crates and tires, and to reinterpret art historical icons.

safe (blown), 2011

Jaimie Warren: “The WHOAS of Female Tragedy II” at The Hole
January 10 – February 9, 2013
Opening: January 10, 6PM – 9PM
312 Bowery
Jaimie Warren’s photographs explore different female stereotypes from both art history and celebrity culture, distorted through the internet’s bizarre juxtapositions, disposable imagery and memes. This new body of work features the artist and her friends in roles as diverse as Zsa Zsa Gabor, Easy E, The Virgin Mary, Lana Del Rey or Picasso’s Demoiselles D’Avignon.

Over 30 artists selected by: Richard Birkett—”Looking Back/The 7thWhite Columns Annual” at White Columns
January 10–February 23, 2013
Opening: January 10, 6PM – 8PM
320 West 13th Street
Each year, an individual or a collaborative team (e.g. an artist, a curator, a writer, etc.) is invited to make an exhibition at White Columns based on their personal experience of looking at art in New York in the previous year. For the seventh ‘Annual’ exhibition, White Columns has invited Richard Birkett, the curator at Artists Space to make the selection.

A Square of Chicago Without a Circle and Triangle, 1979


Laurent Grasso, John Grimonprez, Terence Koh: Grasso, Grimonprez, Koh: Three Installations at Sean Kelly
January 11–February 9, 2013
Opening: January 11, 6PM – 8PM
475 Tenth Avenue
Sean Kelly announces its new exhibition, Grasso, Grimonprez, Koh: Three Installations, featuring three distinct interventions by Laurent Grasso, Johan Grimonprez and Terence Koh. Whilst seemingly disparate initially, all of the works are united by the themes of duality, hidden meaning, and cinematic influence.

All images courtesy Bethanie Brady Artist Management / photos by Billy Farrell /


Thomas Barrow: Works 1974-2010 at Derek Eller
January 12–February 9, 2013
Opening January 12, 3PM – 5PM
615 West 27th Street
In his words, Thomas Barrow wants to “move from the transparent, window-on-the-world form that has been photography’s primary reason for being since its invention, to making it a physical object, an object to be looked at for its own presence and not for a surrogate experience”. A cerebral innovator and iconoclast, Barrow is a predecessor to numerous contemporary artists currently pushing photography beyond its limits.

Cover Photo: Johan Grimonprez
Film still from Looking for Alfred, 2005
© Johan Grimonprez
Courtesy: Sean Kelly, New York and Zapomatik, Brussels



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