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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

Portrait of Cordelia de Castellane, © Dior.
Courtesy of Dior.
Courtesy of Dior.
Courtesy of Dior.
Courtesy of Dior.
© Sophie Carre, courtesy of Dior.
Portrait of Cordelia de Castellane, © Dior.

Cordelia de Castellane: Bringing Joy, Beauty, and Ease to Entertaining with Dior Maison

By Katy Donoghue

July 21, 2021

When Cordelia de Castellane, the artistic director of Dior Maison, sets a table, she finds keeping it simple, natural, and fun is always beautiful. Her intimate gathering go-tos includes citrus and produce from the kitchen garden.

This season for Dior Maison, de Castellane has dreamed up for your tabletop a cheerful collection of fruit-infused glassware with “Tutti Frutti,” star-filled wicker ware in “Paniers,” and a playful leopard print set in deep aquamarine as the latest “Mizza” iteration. The latter is inspired by Mizza Bricard, a muse of Christian Dior whom he described as “one of those people who make elegance their sole raison d’être.”

When designing for Dior Maison, de Castellane always begins with Monsieur Dior. Starting with the house’s history, she can play with its well-known codes—like the Toile de Jouy motif, which has been around since Dior’s first storefront; or, say, celestial references to Monsieur Dior’s astrological inclinations.

Whitewall spoke with de Castellane about the role of home, a desire for fun, and how we all can’t wait to gather around a bright, colorful table with those we love.

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Courtesy of Dior.

WHITEWALL: The “Toile de Jouy” collection recently debuted in gray. What about this collection is timeless for you?

CORDELIA DE CASTELLANE: Toile de Jouy has always existed at Dior—it was part of the decor in Monsieur Dior’s very first boutique. It’s revisited but timeless! It’s a very French code that embellishes all of the house’s universes.

WW: For the “Tutti Frutti” collection, what kind of setting do you envision these pieces in, and how did that influence your choice of materials and color?

CDC: I always start with the house’s heritage and DNA before playing with its codes. The idea was to transform this garden into a more tropical universe that’s both fresh and wild.

WW: How did you arrive at the motifs of the stars and moon for the “Paniers” collection? How do you see these versatile pieces being used?

CDC: I love wicker! It goes with everything! Monsieur Dior was superstitious by nature, so the moon and stars represent his passion for astrology.

WW: What is the inspiration behind the blue “Blue Mizza” collection?

CDC: The inspiration is the leopard print worn by Mizza Bricard, Christian Dior’s faithful muse and collaborator, which the couturier himself reinterpreted for her, as did Marc Bohan after him. I loved doing that motif in a summery, Pop version. I wanted to do colors and have fun: I think we all need that right now!

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Dior.

WW: It feels like colorful, playful glass is having a moment in interior design. Can you tell us about your approach to Dior Maison’s glassware collections and objects?

CDC: I love designing glasses. I collect them myself! I started with vintage Dior Maison, and I love to work in Italy for those. They bring a touch of color to a table.

WW: So much of our time has been spent at home the past year. How has that impacted what you’ve dreamed up for Dior Maison’s latest collections?

CDC: Because I spent so much time in my garden, I went through all the flower catalogues I could get my hands on, just as Monsieur Dior did as a child. I found so much inspiration there, and of course I always bear in mind that there’s no place like home.

WW: In the same way, we can’t wait until we can gather again around the table with family and friends. How has the craving for and excitement around future gatherings inspired designs for tabletop for you?

CDC: As you know, I like to keep things simple! Even with lots of guests around, I approach things as if everyone were family. That’s how a gathering becomes cozy and comfortable, a place where it just feels good to relax.

WW: How are you setting your own table this summer? What kind of environment are you looking forward to creating?

CDC: I’ll be with my family somewhere quiet and calm in Greece. For table decor, I like to use lemons and produce from our kitchen garden—the effect is simple, natural, and always beautiful.

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Dior.

Open Gallery

Courtesy of Dior.
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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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