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Dimoregallery: Orrizzonti


Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.


Designer Arik Levy
Demonstrates Virtual Truth
at Bisazza in Miami

By Tory Noll

December 7, 2012

Yesterday morning, Arik Levy gave a presentation about his new exhibition with the Bisazza Foundation at the Bisazza flagship store in the Miami Design District. The show, “Experimental Growth” focuses on two pieces: the site-specific “RockChamber” (2012), a cave of sorts inlaid with Bisazza mosaic tiles, and “VirtualTruth,” an interactive video art installation.

As we nibbled on Black Forest ham and cheese scones, Levy joked that this project was like his baby. “This is my maternity and I am giving birth,” he said of the corresponding pieces of the exhibition. It helped, he said, that Bisazza gave him “lots of oxygen,” even rebuilding part of the Foundation’s property to house the special exhibition. Known for his mirrored rock sculptures, Levy draws again on this concept for his work with Bisazza. This time, he handsomely tiled the entire exterior with black mosaic tiles and upholstered the interior with plush chartreuse walls and ceilings. “We are the prehistoric men of the future and this is our future cave,” the Israeli artist says of his work. Also displayed is “Virtual Truth,” a 3-D rendering of a rock chamber that interacts with a person’s motions and generates a new form randomly.

Open Gallery

“Experimental Growth” will be part of the permanent collection at the Bisazza Foundation in Vicenza, Italy.


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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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