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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.


Missoni Home: Prints, Patterns, and Poppies

By Eliza Jordan

April 8, 2015

Last month at Bergdorf Goodman, Rosita Missoni showed us a preview of her spring 2015 Missoni Home collection. Infused with floral prints and decadent roadrunner rainbow patterns, nearly ever object is colorful and texturized to perfection.

When looking at the collection in its entirety, it’s massive. Themes are divided by patterns and prints, indoor and outdoor, living room and bedroom. There’s the Poppy Outdoor collection, which features an stripes in grey, purple, coral, and cream, with poppies on top. Then, there’s the Lilium Multicolor, an intensely colorful collection primarily made up of diagonal zigzag patterns, large floral prints, and pinstripes ranging in width. Next is the Lilium collection, a sophisticated brown and aqua mix of the floral, zigzag, and pinstripe trio. The Poppies collection boasts bright reds, deep pinks, yellows, both bright and burnt oranges, and greens in wide zigzags and oversized flowers. Fiore Pop largely plays in black and white, and mixes in pops of purple, baby pink, and ocean blue. The Golden Age Jewel collection is utterly royal, as the name suggests, while its sister collection, the Golden Age Silver & Gold, sticks precisely to its name in color scheme. Finally, Onix finishes with emerald greens swirling against the aqua and burnt orange.

Natural tones in couches, poufs, fabric lampshades, throw pillows, blankets, dishware, and table settings, add an element of fluidity and elegance. There are beautiful poppy-shaped rugs, robes, long, bright curtains, thick duvets, rich tablecloths, unique coffee tables, fabric and wire lamps, woven hammocks, sectional seating arrangements, patterned vases, and even a black and white (and swirling blue, too) mortar and pestle set. Placemats match dish sets, cups match table runners, and each pattern is complemented by a nearby rug, potted plant, or candle.

Rosita, who wore a bright Missoni coat and logo ribbon in her hair, seemed quite happy with the new, warm collection. “Furnishing my way means creating a habitat that’s organized, but also informal, versatile, welcoming and, in particular, free,” she said.

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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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