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Fabio Novembre x Natuzzi

Natuzzi Presents Fabio Novembre’s “Intro” in Miami

Natuzzi Italia, the largest made-in-Italy furniture brand, introduced a custom-made installation from architect Fabio Novembre from December 1-7 at its flagship in Miami.

The work, Intro, is an egg-shaped alcove that envelops the visitor before returning him or her to the world, reborn and more conscious. Inside, the visitor is greeted by the voice of actor Willem Defoe reading passages from Novembre’s The Design Explained to My Mother and Federico Fellini‘s movie 8 ½.  The reflective outer metal surface hides a warm environment of deep-red leather, while the installation’s interior depicts a face in negative relief that protrudes into the room.

Fabio Novembre x Natuzzi Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for Natuzzi

Intro is an introspective process I undergo for myself, but at the same time it is an invitation to share with others. The room is soft and welcoming, like an egg, and invites visitors to lay down and find themselves,” said Novembre.

Natuzzi created the installation by employing the same raw materials used in the production of their sofas, and the complex convergence of materials are all assembled by hand with thermoformed methacrylate panels lining the honeycomb structure to create a sphere on an inclined axis that is subdivided into 12 sections. The interior required the skill of talented craftsmen commissioned by the brand to leather-coat the walls, evoking anthropomorphic forms. The project is designed to spark a dialogue between Natuzzi’s iconic Re-vive armchair, the brand’s iconic recliner covered in leather with a palette of graded colors from red to black.

Fabio Novembre x Natuzzi Natuzzi Presents The U.S. Debut Of Intro By Fabio Novembre

Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Communication and Deputy Creative Director of the brand, emphasizes, “To us, Intro is a project that demonstrates Natuzzi’s desire to innovate and experiment by capitalizing on the unparalleled expertise of our craftsmen. With this undertaking in Miami, we wish to promote once again the excellence of Made in Italy and the all-Italian creativity represented by Novembre and Natuzzi abroad.”


Fabio Novembre x Natuzzi Miami, December 2, 2016





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