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Sabine Marcelis Creates “The Shape of Water” for Fendi at Design Miami/

To mark its tenth year of collaboration with Design Miami/, Fendi is presenting “The Shapes of Water” by Sabine Marcelis. The Dutch designer has created 10 fountains inspired by 10 iconic Fendi symbols. Reimagined in resin and presented on a plinth made of travertine—the same stone found in the house’s Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana headquarters—the fountains represent history and creativity, highlighting aspects like the FF logo and the expertise in fur.

The Peekaboo bag designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi is also celebrating its tenth anniversary, and Marcelis customized a canvas version of the signature accessory for the house’s Miami Design District boutique.

Fendi Portrait by Carl Kleiner
Courtesy of Fendi.

Whitewaller spoke with Marcelis about “The Shapes of Water” and the concepts of movement, manipulation, and interaction.

WHITEWALLER: Tell us a bit about your presentation with Fendi at Design Miami/, “The Shapes of Water.”

Fendi Courtesy of Fendi.

SABINE MARCELIS: This collaboration with Fendi and Silvia Venturini Fendi has been a great inspiration to me. It was interesting to have the opportunity to discover how Silvia relates to materials, and how it associates the different manufactures to be developed for each of them. Compared to my way of working, I found many similarities.

WW: You’ve designed 10 fountains inspired by 10 of the most iconic symbols of the historic Roman house. Can you tell us about what this entails and how you’re highlighting movement?

Fendi Courtesy of Fendi.

SM: Together with Fendi, we have defined the 10 codes—icons to tell the company’s history through the 10 fountains. What I intended to do is interpret them at their best, as you are able to translate your expertise into your creations. I consider water an interesting element to investigate, as well as other materials with which I work regularly, such as glass or resin, if not more. The concept of movement is a new dimension to explore, as well as the idea that certain shapes and textures can change the course of the water itself. In my work, I’m always looking for this kind of manipulation that allows interaction and dynamics to discover.

WW: This year marks Fendi’s tenth year in collaboration with Design Miami/, and the tenth anniversary of the Peekaboo bag. A main part of the installation is a piece inspired by this bag, placed at the center of the first line of fountains. Tell us a bit about what you’ve created for this.

Fendi Courtesy of Fendi.

SM: I realized a mold and a perfect reproduction of the Peekaboo bag in yellow resin. You can even see the leather texture. As this is an important anniversary, the bag is placed on a travertine podium lying on a bed of water and will have a center stage position inside the booth in Miami.






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