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"Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now"

Hong Kong

Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now
"Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now"
Maria SharapovaMaria Sharapova


Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.


Bally Presents the Traveling Man and Technicolor Taste in Milan

By Kelsey Miranda

June 30, 2015

Bally’s mantra for men’s spring/summer 2016 is “no limits.” No matter if it’s the man traveling up and down the coast of California or the streets of Paris, the Bally gentleman embodies non-conformity. Another collection inspired by filmmaker Wes Anderson, an elegant corduroy suit is paired with a green beanie and off white bowtie as a nod to Fantastic Mr. Fox. Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom receives attention with a tan raincoat with sewed badges and matching boots. A Blue velvet sports jacket, black bow tie with matching overcoat and white sneakers, pull together an overall cool and urbane look.

Alongside the men’s presentation in Milan, Bally showcased its women’s of resort 2016 collection. Fearless features contrast colors, textures, and styles. The collection is reminsicent of the ‘70s using a pops of bright colors, loads of fringe, and reinterpreting classic jackets. A Charlie’s Angels-inspired bright pink power suit worn with a white turtleneck and technicolor glasses will surely stop anyone in their tracks. Men’s blue pajama pants, a black crop top, and cashmere sweater mix sophistication with effortless. “Why not?” seems to be the central question in this fun-filled wardrobe of endless possibility, functionality, and best of all, fun.

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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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