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Bowties by Nick Graham and Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye—yes, the “Science Guy” from the television show, winner of seven of the show’s 18 Emmys, and the CEO of the Planetary Society—is emerging from nineties nostalgia and into your wardrobe by way of menswear designer Nick Graham.

Graham met Nye at a panel in New York related to the British comedy science show, Infinite Monkey Cake with Brian Cox in May 2015. Graham told us, “I met Bill backstage and said, ‘Have you ever considered doing a line of bowties?’ and he said, ‘Absolutely!’”

Courtesy of Nick Graham.

So Graham followed up on Nye’s enthusiasm and together they created a fun collection of 12 designs, now available online in a variety of colors, patterns, and prints, with most of them including educational touches like the Planetary Society logo, text that reads “Science Rules,” or the periodic table filling in a boxy pattern. To coincide with the release of these fashionable ties, Nye also released his most recent book about climate change, Unstoppable, which is available, signed or unsigned, in a bundle with a limited-edition tie. Ten percent of all proceeds will be donated to the Planetary Society to continue to empower the world’s citizens on space science advancement and exploration. “The board of directors is extraordinary. We have 46,000 people around the world who are members who just think its cool to advance space science and exploration,” said Nye.

Long before teaming up, Nye’s interest in science began with his late grandfather who was an organic chemist, and called himself “Ned Nye Boy Scientist.” It was a respected route in his household to be a scientist, and to be polite was, too. In high school, at the girl’s athletic banquet, Nye learned the importance of manners, and fashion, as he was a waiter for the award ceremony.

Courtesy of Nick Graham.

“The reason why waiters wear bowties, traditionally, is, first of all, you look crisp, and you’re in a uniform that the patrons can recognize,” said Nye. “But the practical, very important thing is the tie doesn’t fall into the food—or the flask—or slip into the soup. A bowtie doesn’t get in the way.”

Graham gushed about watching Nye’s show with his son years ago, and Nye chatted about wearing an untailored—and now favorite—Nick Graham suit to the White House (with a bowtie, of course). “There couldn’t be a better combination of style and science than Bill Nye,” said Graham. “He not only wears a bow tie well, but I respect his work enormously and he has influenced a whole generation through his TV shows and books on the importance of science in our everyday lives.”

Courtesy of Nick Graham.



Courtesy of Nick Graham.



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