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Bombay Sapphire.

Christian Siriano’s Label Turns 15 with French 75-Inspired Gown

Christian Siriano Partners with Bombay Sapphire

The fashion designer Christian Siriano is no stranger to artistic collaborations. Throughout his bombastic career, he’s woven together an array of touchpoints for collections and partnerships aplenty—particularly his love for art and his genuine relationships with changemakers. On red carpets and arena stages around the globe, his garments and accessories have graced some of the world’s most notable names, from Celine Dion and Billy Porter to Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker. Gowns made of sumptuous materials and intricate designs have caught the attention for their inclusive shapes, bold colors, and unique details, reminding the public to embrace their bodies and express themselves however they choose to. 

Bombay Sapphire. Courtesy of Bombay Sapphire.

Most recently, during New York Fashion Week last month, we witnessed the unveiling of a new creative partnership between Siriano and Bombay Sapphire for its “Saw This, Made This” series. Tasked with imagining a garment that blends the worlds of art, spirits, and haute couture, he drew inspiration from the gin brand and its classic French 75 cocktail to create an extravagant gown. With a silhouette embodying the shape and details of the iconic beverage, it appeared on the runway of his 15-year anniversary show. As an extension of the collaboration, Siriano also created a three-piece capsule collection, which is expected to be available this holiday season.

Bombay Sapphire’s ‘Saw This, Made This’ campaign really celebrates creativity and is all about finding inspiration in the unexpected,” Siriano told Whitewall. “The starting point for this project was the iconic Bombay French 75 cocktail, which served as the inspiration behind the one-of-a-kind dress that I designed for my Spring/Summer 2024 runway collection.”

Curious about the collaboration and his evolution as a designer, Siriano shared additional details with Whitewall about working with Bombay Sapphire and how he brings joy and glamour to as many people as possible.

Bombay Sapphire. Christian Siriano and model, courtesy of Bombay Sapphire.

Bombay Sapphire-Inspired Fashion

WHITEWALL: Visually, how did the Bombay French 75 inspire the gown you created?

CHRISITAN SIRIANO: In creating this runway piece for my 15th-anniversary show, I was inspired by the celebratory nature of the French 75, as well as its elegant shape, and golden iridescence. The gown is crafted in a vibrant blue reminiscent of Bombay Sapphire and features shimmering champagne chiffon and gin-dyed accents.

WW: Last month, it was presented on the runway of your brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 show during New York Fashion Week, which was your 15th-anniversary collection. How did that feel?

CS: Celebrating my 15th anniversary was a dream. This was such a special moment to reflect on how much we’ve grown and all that we’ve accomplished over the past 15 years. I feel incredibly proud of the community we’ve built, and I was so grateful for all of the longtime supporters and muses who joined me to celebrate that day. The energy was amazing. 

Bombay Sapphire. Sketch by Christian Siriano, courtesy of Bombay Sapphire.

Christian Siriano’s Evolution

WW: How would you describe your personal evolution from when you first started 15 years ago?

CS: While I have grown as a designer and we have evolved so much as a brand, the founding ethos of the Christian Siriano collection remains the same—we design clothes for a diverse set of people, and we aim to bring joy and glamour to as many as we can. Our collections continue to grow with our customers, evolving to meet their needs and speak to what they want to be wearing.  

WW: Stars, friends, and muses showed support at the show, with Coco Rocha closing the show to a special performance by SIA. How do the people you surround yourself with inspire you?

CS: I love creating for the people around me. All of the women and men that I surround myself with are such multi-faceted characters in their own right, and they all have something to say through what they wear. It’s always an exciting challenge to design for such different personalities and silhouettes. I never know what character they will want to be for a given moment, which keeps the design process really inspiring and new. 

Christian Siriano SS24 Courtesy of Christian Siriano.

 WW: You also recently launched a collaboration with GREENIES, designing clothing for dogs. Can you tell us about that? 

CS: My partnership with GREENIES centered around raising awareness for the canine dental crisis, which is important to me as a dog dad myself. To promote the importance of overall pet health, we created limited-edition trench coats for pups and parents, which was a really fun project. If fashion can help bring awareness to a cause like this, then that’s a great thing.

WW: What are you working on next?

CS: As we reset for next season, I’m excited to be working on the Bombay Sapphire cocktail-inspired cocktail collection, of course, and some new creative projects like our home & furniture design work under Siriano Interiors, as well as several art & fashion exhibitions that we have coming up. And, as always, we are working on so many fabulous custom pieces for our muses. More to come!

Christian Siriano SS24 Courtesy of Christian Siriano.




On the eve of New York Fashion Week’s official start, Christian Siriano premiered his otherworldly Fall/Winter 2024 collection at The Plaza Hotel last Thursday.


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