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Photo by Adrien Dirand, courtesy of Dior.

Dior Cruise 2025 Descends Upon Scotland’s Drummond Castle Gardens 

On June 3 in Scotland, The Dior Cruise 2025 collection was presented, designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Inspired by the country's culture and a previous collection presented by Monsieur Dior in 1955, it evoked the traditions and techniques of Scotland in reimagined ways.

The Drummond Castle Gardens in Perthsire, Scotland were abuzz with the sound of bagpipes yesterday, serenely setting the tone for the unveiling of Dior Cruise 2025 collection. There in the lush terraced grounds, Maria Grazia Chuiri’s latest line unfolded as a visual journey that recalled Monsieur Dior’s Spring/Summer 1955 presentation, seen in the same town, but in the ballroom of the Gleneagles Hotel about eight miles south. 

Details of Dior Cruise 2025

For Cruise 2025, memories and inspirations from yesteryears were sparked, paying homage to Dior’s Scottish creations that were forever tied to its culture. The country’s undeniable charm permeated every detail in garments, accessories, and collaborations. For starters, the show began with one woman adorned in a long red dress descending the castle’s footsteps playing a handheld bagpipe. 

Photo by Adrien Dirand, courtesy of Dior.
Photo by Adrien Dirand, courtesy of Dior.

Trailing behind her was a cast of models dressed in Chiuri’s latest looks that blended textures, contemporary cuts, and irresistible embroidery. Merging the past and the present, the exaggerated and the understated, skirts under dresses joined lace collars, tight busts, and pieces gorgeously adorned with pearls.

Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.

Merging Fashion History and Culture

The brand’s iconic Bar jacket was imagined in black velvet with Brandenburg buttons, and the country’s prized kilts were designed in collaboration with the emerging British designer Samantha McCoach of Le Kilt. Special for Cruise 2025, as well, were photographs from Dior’s Spring/Summer 1955 show reimagined as prints and reworked as appliques on the edges of kilts and peacoats. “It’s probably the only fancy fabric that resists fashions,” Christian Dior wrote about the historic kilt’s DNA in The Little Dictionary of Fashion2.

Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.
Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Collaborations

For Cruise 2025, Chiuri’s emphasis on fabric and collaboration expanded to include several more partnerships, engaging local craftspeople and their traditions and techniques. Inspired by Scotland, those included Harris Tweed to create woolen fabrics that reflect the colors of the island’s natural elements; Johnstons of Elgin for tweed knitwear made from their mill yarns in Hawick; Esk Cashmere, whose materials are based on the Eastern shore of the River Annan; and Robert Mackie, which began manufacturing traditional ceremonial headwear worn by Scottish regiments, widely used today by pipe bands, from the mid-19th century. 

Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.
Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.

Inspired by Art and Literature

Continuing her dedication to the arts, Chiuri also became inspired by authors, historians, and painters who created works reflective of the creativity of Scotland. First, she gained inspiration from Claure Hunter’s new book, Embroidering her Truth: Mary, Queen of Scots and the Language of Power, which details the queen’s biography and ties to embroidery. Then, to honor her legacy, Chiuri commissioned the artist Pollyanna Johnson to create a modern portrait of Queen Mary. 

Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.
Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.

Traditional Garments for a Contemporary Look

The collection further revealed Scotland’s evolving culture through practical garments, traditional silhouettes, and regionally characteristic adornments—all indicative of what a Scot would wear in daily life. From then to now and into the future, dresses topped with small jackets were paired with rain boots, wide sleeves dangled past the fingertips, and iridescent pieces topped with pearls provided a sense of history and home.

Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.
Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.

Scottish Fashion for Today

Punky and perfect for the contemporary woman, Dior Cruise 2025 also featured rebellious details—like hoodies that zipped up the head’s vertex to the forehead and embellished loose mesh worn stretched across the face. Maverick and manifested by Dior, the future of women’s dressing in Scotland is free-spirited and fun.

Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.
Dior Cruise 2025 Dior Cruise 2025, courtesy of Dior.




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