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Lisa Perry

Lisa Perry Celebrates 10 Years with 10-Piece Capsule Collection

Today, Lisa Perry is celebrating her eponymous line’s 10th anniversary with a special 10-piece capsule collection, available at Barneys. The designer went back into the archives and chose some of her favorite pieces, like an Andy Warhol dress we love. In advance of the 10-year collection launch, Whitewall spoke with Perry about timeless clean lines, artist collaborations, and the power of hot pink.

WHITEWALL: What does this milestone of a 10-year anniversary mean for you?

LISA PERRY: This milestone means I can look back on the last 10 years of my brand and celebrate with those who have contributed to helping me get to this point and that makes me very happy. 

WW: For the occasion, you revisited the archives and picked 10 favorites to re-release this October. What was it like looking back? Were there some pieces you hadn’t seen in a while?

LP: I really enjoyed the process of going through the archives to choose my top 10 pieces. It was a trip down memory lane and I loved that. It was also interesting to see the samples that never made it into production for various reasons. 

Lisa Perry Lisa Perry’s 10-year Capsule Collection, courtesy of Barneys.

WW: You told us that you were happy to realize that you still loved everything you’ve designed — there weren’t any early pieces that didn’t feel right. Why do you think that is?

LP: Yes, it’s true. I love 99% of the pieces that were in my past collections as well as the current collection. I think it’s because my brand is based on timeless design with clean lines and little embellishment, so there’s less of an opportunity for cringe worthy moments!  

WW: You also mentioned that some pieces had a really limited run, so you’re excited to re-introduce them. Which dresses were only available in a limited quantity before?

LP: My artist collaboration dresses were produced in extremely limited quantity. This was done to respect the artist’s wishes for uniqueness and I was only selling them in my flagship store at the time. This time I’ve included one of the original dresses I designed from a photograph of Andy Warhol that was on the cover of Esquire magazine in 1969.

Lisa Perry Lisa Perry’s 10-year Capsule Collection, courtesy of Barneys.

WW: So, what kinds of silhouettes stood out for you? What did you want to be sure to include?

LP: As far as silhouettes go, I’ve definitely developed some signature looks over the last 10 years. I’m most proud of creating a brand DNA that’s very strong. Some signatures of the brand include an A-line jersey dress with circle pockets, the color hot pink, dresses with color-blocking and a vinyl moto jacket. All of these signatures appear in the anniversary collection.  

WW: Can you tell us the story behind the Love dress and the LOVE dress?

LP: The LOVE dress was originally inspired by the iconic imagery of artist Robert Indiana. Indiana was using the word LOVE as a universal symbol of positivity and hope during the turbulent sixties and I wanted to spread that same message many years later.

Lisa Perry Lisa Perry’s 10-year Capsule Collection, courtesy of Barneys.

WW: Of the 10, do you have a personal favorite?

LP: The fleurty dress is my personal favorite! It’s ivory with fun multicolored floral applique.

WW: Did going back into your archives, spark any inspiration for your next collection?

LP: Going back through the archives did spark inspiration and reminded me how much I love geometric shapes and dots in particular. In my next collection you can expect to see lot of dots!





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