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Prada Men's FW21

Milan Men’s Fashion Week FW21: Fendi, Prada, ETRO, and Kiton

As we speak, Milan Men’s fashion week is underway, bringing us the latest designs for Fall/Winter 2021. Here, we’re sharing what’s new from Fendi, Prada, ETRO, and Kiton.

Fendi Men's FW21 Courtesy of Fendi.

Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2021 menswear presentation was introduced with a cinematic creation from the artist Nico Vascellari, followed by a bespoke soundtrack entitled What Is Normal Today ft. Silvia, written by Not Waving. Presented in an immersive construction of mirrored tunnels, the season’s twisted takes on menswear classics made their way through a show of colorful lights. A spectrum of neutral hues to technicolor jewel tones painted looks that placed multifunctionality at the forefront—like reversible workwear, relaxed outerwear, and styles that combined elements of business and leisure. Highlight looks included a satiny quilted overcoat and matching shorts, worn with a sweater and oxford button-up; a monochrome look including cable knit overalls and a turtleneck; and an oversized quilted coat that tied at the waist, which completed a look in all fuchsia.  

Prada Men's FW21 Courtesy of Prada.

Debuted within a construction of brightly colored “non-spaces,” Prada focused on the human body and its freedom for these new menswear designs. Tactility and the need to feel brought forth elements that stimulated the senses, including entrancing patterns, textured knits, and juxtaposing pairings of materials like leather, re-nylon, and wool. Parallels were drawn between the collection and the presentation space with elements like faux fur lining the walls and swirling, marbled patterns on the floor. Styling choices like the blunt pageboy bobs and dress shoes accompanying most looks added a modish, feel to the slender suiting silhouettes and elongated outerwear—seen in looks like a printed suit and oversized sweater in opposing prints; an overcoat with a diagonal pattern worn with red pants and a turtleneck peeking out from underneath the collar; and a knitwear set composed of a cardigan, trousers, and woven button-up.

ETRO FW21 Courtesy of ETRO.

Personal, iconoclastic, and unconventional are key words explored within ETRO’s Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection. Amid broken rules of dress and a sense of freedom, the house maintains its codes through the return of its signature prints and continuation of a “more-is-more” styling approach—seen on looks like a brown velvet suit worn over a turtleneck sweater and a pair of leopard trousers with a retro paisley shirt. Elements of day and night, formal and casual, and ironic and elegant have been paired in juxtaposition, exemplified in pairings like baseball caps and jacquard trousers, or suits worn with sneakers. The presentation also highlighted a selection of wool and mohair blend sweater vests from the brand’s new genderless capsule collection, which come neon blue, yellow, and pink.

Kiton Men's FW21 Courtesy of Kiton.

Kiton’s latest collection was created with the consideration that our homes have now regained their role as our central gathering places. Looking at its own heritage, which lies in the town of Arzano, Italy, the house put a focus on a wardrobe that functions within the roles of relaxation and workplace—as well as both at once. Expert tailoring has updated more executive styles with an element of comfort, while typical loungewear styles are elevated through more luxurious fabrications and styling choices. Looks that best highlight this new hybridization of professionalism and comfortability include a red plaid blazer worn over a hooded button-up, with jeans and statement dress shoes; a pairing of joggers and a cardigan taking cues from varsity styles; and a bomber jacket in tan, styled with a suit-and-tie look featuring drawstring trousers.




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