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NYMD by Cadillac: Matiere, CWST, Lucio Castro, HVRMINN, Robert James

Industria Superstudios played host once again to New York Men’s Day presented by Cadillac, and this season, the afternoon was packed with styles from Matiere, CWST, Lucio Castro, HVRMINN, and Robert James. Set in five separate studios, each new collection offered something fit for the stylish man, with both relaxed and business casual looks for the seasons ahead.

Matiere explored a modern sense of migration, and offered a new collection for the functional traveler. Cultural inspirations were reflected in mixed fabrics, and the differing characteristics of nature and urban settings were expressed through modern silhouettes. Crinkled jersey and mohair were a few standout materials, while adjustable cuff straps, covered plackets, and sealed zippers offered a technical element to the collection. Models for the collection personified Matiere’s longstanding message of outerwear as the forefront of the collection, as they stood on white-painted tree stumps dotting the studio.


CWST was set in a stage of leafy greens, foggy grounds, and natural light from Studio 5’s infamous skylight, as they presented a collection based on Orcas Island. Seventy miles north of Seattle is the San Juan Islands—a cellular dead zone where offshore counter culture fits snugly into the Puget Sound. Inspired by grey washed rain shadows, sandstone outcroppings, and cordovan tide lines, CWST presented a collection full of natural looks for the wanderer in us all. A live guitarist, accompanied by a digital sound engineer set the mood, as looks in patterned, printed, and solid neutrals were seen mixed among unique jewelry by Fay Andrada. 

Lucio Castro presented The Stonehenge Collection, citing main inspirations from photographs of traveling communities in the UK from the late 80s and early 90s. These travelers were known to have had spiritual and musical gatherings at Stonehenge, thus propelling Lucio Castro into a collection full of trippy designs, interesting colors, and unusual accessories. There were plaid green kilts, matching shirts and jackets, and thin turtleneck undershirts. Accessories played an important role and included white-topped glasses, circular brimmed hates, and our ultimate favorite—oversized belt-loop chains in an array of colors, materials, and designs.

Robert James

HVRMINN drew inspirations from wartime, and offered the Eponymous Label. The collection was full of structured military green suit jackets, navy pantsuits, padded vests, and matching tracksuit-like duos. Our favorite look included a military green vest with three straps across the back, complemented by pockets, and a matching military hat.

Robert James’ collection showed new styles fit for the fashionably inclined man, including a checkered car door jacket, a button-down vest from top to bottom, and many structured suits in an array of neutrals.

Lucio Castro






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