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Courtesy of Each x Other.

Paris FW18: Chloé, Faith Connexion, Rochas, and More

Paris Fashion Week showed us the art of dressing. Below, we’ve highlighted some brands that turn fashion into an artistic form of self-expression in everyday life.

Chloé explored the dualistic illusions of a woman—who she is versus who she wants to be. Soft golden lighting and a warm, brown-carpeted runway allowed each woman to be present and wear her heart on her sleeve. The suit she wears becomes a buffer between the real and the ideal, while each feature of the clothing says something about her. An undone collar mocks the frustrations of the bourgeoisie, and softness and temptation are represented by the juxtaposition of flowing dresses with metalwork. A variation of rich features and details (like plunging v-necklines, earthy colors, silk jacquard fabric, and the thick Chloé ‘C’ gold neck chains) are seen throughout the collection to remind us of a woman’s dynamic spirit.

Chloé Courtesy of Chloé.

A stark white runway, completed with a larger-than-life Egon Schiele illustration, set the mood for the Akris presentation. Inspired by the liberation of women in the early 1900s in Vienna, the collection also gives notable recognition to artist Gustav Klimt, who was one of the first painters to portray the changes in women history (and to paint them sans corset), and the works of Madame D’Ora, whose photos captured the many types and classes of women. The bright jewel tones and loose-yet-feminine silhouettes stood out against the white runway, embodying freedom and self-expression, and the idea that there is no real beauty without functionality.

Each x Other’s “Dark Chlorophyll” collection brought us tough and tender—an intermingling of leather and silk, and military styles with 19th century-inspired dresses. Staying true to the brand’s roots, where art meets fashion, the collection was inspired by a collaboration between poet Robert Montgomery and photographer Fabio Paleari, where they turned the new garments into a backdrop for the colored flowers of Paleari’s images. The dynamic collection was presented in the midst of a dark room, where reds, whites, and lavenders made a statement in front of an installation of floor-length, black vinyl streamers.

Chloé Courtesy of Chloé.

Faith Connexion brought beautifully spontaneous streetwear, synonymous to the industrial-type settings it was photographed in—one that makes reusing and recycling look cooler than ever. The brand’s classics make appearances with unexpected twists, like the ‘90s look of a blazer worn as a mini dress, and classic sheepskin now seen with prints. Known for their collaborations with artists, Faith Connexion brings back the punkish influences of Sita Abellan (for her third capsule collection with the brand), and welcomes Greek artist Dionysios (who brings us a fun range of pieces like the denim jacket reading “call for a good time” next to a phone number that is reachable). Additionally, the brand includes a teaser collection of nine pieces celebrating Mickey Mouse, whose 90th birthday is in November.

Trading in evening gowns and cocktails dresses for an understated look, Rochas turns everyday dress into an understated ritual. When you see the allover yellow or mint shades, the double-breasted coats in camel, and calf-length collared dresses, you’ll be left thinking of Parisian fashion in the 1970s. Rochas brings us sophistication and precision while still managing to maintain a certain level of elusive allure, ensuring the garments stand out in day-to-day life.

Chloé Courtesy of Akris.




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