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LOEWE 2023 Salone del Mobile
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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.


Prada’s Fifties-Inspired Looks

By Stephanie Smith-Strickland

February 22, 2013

As with the men’s collection presented earlier in the year, Miuccia Prada turned her gaze to the past to find inspiration in the present. Prada’s fall/winter 2013–2014 women’s collection featured models sporting fresh-out-of-the-shower hair and wearing distinctly 1950s-inspired looks. Calf and knee length fit-and-flare dresses provided a much more modest glimpse of leg than many of the season’s current trends. The over-sized fur and fabric cuffs found on many of the looks not only added a wealth of texture, but also provided an interesting and modern re-imagining of a muff.

Unsurprisingly there were parallels to the men’s collection that were difficult to miss. Prada again delighted in the use of non-matching patterns and prints. Blue leather with fur trim met red gingham, while mink and black sequin were unapologetically paired. Despite the opulence of many of the materials the collection retained a chic, casual edge. Similar to the men’s collection, too, were squares in unexpected solid colors placed along waistlines. However, the women’s collection saw Prada using belts to break up the look and give the models a more defined, feminine figure.

fall/winter 2013-2014Miuccia PradaPrada


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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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