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The Missoni Resort 2025 Collection is Full of Color and Sparkle

On June 7, the Women’s Missoni Resort Collection 2025, designed by Filippo Grazioli, debuted full of pattern, tone, and shimmer.

The Missoni Resort 2025 collection, designed by Filippo Grazioli, debuted this month, indulging in the brand’s signature geometric patterns portrayed dominantly in stripes and zigzags. The 18-piece collection longs for versatility and welcomes an array of clothing swaying between form-fitting and relaxed styles. This mix between a masculine and feminine variety in the Resort Collection 2025 builds on Missoni’s evolving wardrobe.

Missoni Resort’s Colorful, Textured Collection for 2025

The collection sees the addition of staple closet pieces that open with functionality and intertwine through various matching sets. Asymmetrical halter tops are paired with free-flowing trousers or pencil skirts and topped with maxi cardigans. A skintight bodysuit is paired with pinstriped tights, and fluid pantsuits are seen throughout variations. There are jumpsuits, shorts, and hemmed asymmetrical dresses. 

Missoni LOOK 16, Provided by Missoni

The material revels in Missoni’s signature multicolored knits that range in color from sandy beach tones to black and white mixes, alongside pops of warm colors that add a sensual summer vibe. The rhythm is capitalized throughout the pieces by styling with geometrically shaped sunglasses and a mix of oversized tote bags or miniaturized clutch purses.  

Contrasting Sets in Shimmering Knits

Leaning towards a different focus, Grazioli notes the direction he took in not adding a dominantly shown motif that would be displayed as the sole focus throughout the pieces.

Rather through the strict lines and color blocking, Grazioli deemed those two aspects the center focus to create a sense of fluidity throughout the collection that is as playful as it is forceful. This direction took the Missoni Resort Collection 2025 in a versatile way that allowed freedom in styling choices.      

Missoni LOOK 4, Provided by Missoni
Missoni LOOK 4, Provided by Missoni

One of the few pantsuits in the Missoni Resort collection embodies loose movement throughout and a nod to masculinity. Contrasting between the light-earth knits, a dark variation peeps through this striped patterned look. Encouraged throughout this pantsuit is a feeling of comfort that elevates you in a formal setting.  

A shirt and skirt set offers a mix of patterns and colors tapping into the form-fitting feminine silhouette. The black shoulder-cut knitted tank top features a zigzag pattern across. On the bottom of the top, a drawstring is placed on the left to create dimensioned layers in the shirt. The pencil skirt contrasts the top with its straight vertical lines throughout, creating dimension with small holes breaking up the knit. A color palette of beachy tones mixed with black furthers the duality between the set. 

Missoni LOOK 3, Provided by Missoni
Missoni LOOK 12, Provided by Missoni

The asymmetrical knitted halter top has a skin-tight fit to the body. The color palette brings forth more earthy tones in a diagonal-lined pattern, seeping through with silver shimmer. The knitted matching maxi cardigan adds dimension to the look with vertical lines. And the pants provide a structured element to the freely flowed silhouette. 

The use of Missoni’s signature patterns and color-blocking for dimension awakens the movement of this collection. Missoni Resort 2025 encourages a sense of freedom in the everyday wardrobe.  

Missoni LOOK 2, Provided by Missoni




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