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Philipp Plein

The Space Invasion of Philipp Plein

With fashion month finally behind us, there were a few shows and events we’re still thinking about. One of those was Philipp Plein’s at Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn on February 10. By boat, we arrived at a greenhouse thumping with music. Inside, it was snowing. The show kicked off with models on snowmobiles, walking Transformer-like robots, and a hovering UFO. The “Circoloco” after party with Seth Troxler and Damian Lazarus didn’t disappoint either.

“The collection is futuristic and full of contaminations from different worlds, such as sports, art, and streetwear,” said Plein to us later. “Some of the outfits and women’s grooming were inspired by Jane Fonda’s iconic Barbarella looks.”

Philipp Plein Courtesy of Philipp Plein.

The next day in SoHo, we continued to celebrate what he calls “Generation Plein” by attending the brand’s store opening on Mercer Street. LED lights hung from the ceiling, pinball machines pinged and buzzed, a wall was comprised of tape players and boom boxes, and limited-edition pieces were being sold exclusively. Throughout the afternoon, celebrity guests like Migos, DJ Ruckus, Ayo & Teo, Rich the Kid, and Christian Combs made appearances and even surprise performances.

Whitewall caught up with Plein about the Fall/Winter 2018 collection and surrounding over-the-top festivities.

Philipp Plein Courtesy of Philipp Plein.

WHITEWALL: Your Fall/Winter 2018 presentation was quite the show! What were some artistic elements you knew had to be included to pull off this Space Invasion?

PHILIPP PLEIN: Technology and an imaginary space invasion. I loved the lunar snow.

Philipp Plein Courtesy of Philipp Plein.

WW: Tell us a bit about your new store in SoHo. What Philip Plein pieces can be found there? What elements in the interior design make it unique?

PP: I like to define it as a pop-up store because we will drop every special edition and collaboration there. The design and interiors are more edgy compared to my iconic Philipp Plein stores, and it’s the perfect space to bring special events. SoHo is vibrant and contemporary—it’s another world compared to my Madison Avenue boutique.

Philipp Plein Courtesy of Philipp Plein.

WW: You’ve preciously partnered with artists like Alec Monopoly. What is it like working with artists?

PP: It’s very exciting and challenging, as different views and aesthetic are combined in one single product or concept. Alec and I became close friends over the years, and I am always satisfied of our collaborations.

Philipp Plein Courtesy of Philipp Plein.

WW: Do you have plan to collaborate with other artists in the future?

PP: For sure! I am already working on something very cool for next season.

Philipp Plein Irina Shayk.
Courtesy of Philipp Plein.

WW: Do you collect art?

PP: I would not define myself an art collector. (I don’t like definitions actually.) In fact, I own lots of art pieces, and if I bump into something I like in the future, I will for sure buy it. I have mainly sculptures, but also paintings—from Picasso to Alec Monopoly!

Philipp Plein Christian Combs.
Courtesy of Philipp Plein.

WW: Where did your recognizable Philipp Plein style come from?

PP: My personal taste and take on contemporary fashion.

Ayo & Teo.
Courtesy of Philipp Plein.

WW: What are you constantly inspired by?

PP: My travels and my friends. I design for my generation and I believe that this is one of the key of success.





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