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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.


10 Ways to Crash a Party
During Art Basel Miami Beach

By Whitewall

November 30, 2012

We’re all important (real or imagined), but that might not be enough to get into some of the best parties leading up to and during Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB). Despite concerted efforts to cross-pollinate (think Jimmy Choo and Rob Pruitt), a star curator with international cred may still have trouble getting into a party hosted by a fashion house. One year, a friend who was connected to Miami’s nightlife scene and I planned to crash a Kanye West party at the Delano only to learn that Mr. West hired his own security. Situations like this require you to be a “model chick” to get anywhere near the party. For everyone else, here are some tactics to get beyond the velvet rope.

10. Look the part:
Unless you’re an artist or famous, it’s best to dress the part. If you do, most people will think you belong. The objective is to get into the party, not draw unwanted attention to your outfit.

9. Arrive early:
If the party starts at 9pm, then you should be there within an hour. Doors are typically lax during this period. This is a classic party-crashing tactic. The downside: most event organizers are hip to this trick and will prepare their staff for your early arrival.

8. Travel in twos:
I get it. You want to party with all your friends. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’ll need to devise a smarter strategy because crashing in groups is not effective. In my former life as an art publicist, I worked the door of many coveted events. At one celeb fest in Miami, an associate who was on the list shows up with about twenty people. No lie. After a proper scolding, I asked him to have his army pair up so that I could get them all in, Noah’s Ark style.

7. Bring models:
This contradicts my advice to travel in pairs, but we’re talking about models. In fact, they don’t even have to be models, they just need to be “model chicks,” and you’re money.

6. Text someone inside:
If you are not on the list, but know someone that is, just have him or her come out and get you. While it’s really annoying for the people at the door, you’ll probably get in.

5. Be nice:
This goes for every interaction in life, but can be particularly effective when crashing, especially if you arrive early. Door management gives unprecedented amounts of power to people who are otherwise powerless. With this power, some like to dole out favors or denials to crashers just because they can. Be nice.

4. Linger:
I love these crashers. They show up early, they show up late, yet no matter how many times you tell them to beat it, then never leave. They simply linger until a) you let them in because you can’t be bothered anymore or b) they see someone they know, who is on the list. God bless ‘em.

3. Say you’re covering it:
Start a blog, print some business cards, and tell whoever is at the door that you are covering the event. You do need to be persuasive and look legitimate. Disclaimer: some events maintain a tight press list, so you may need to revert to number four to get in.

2. Use another name:
This strategy is gaining popularity, albeit bold and risky. If you’re going with this method, I advise arriving early and using the name of someone on the list, yet not too popular to arouse suspicion. This also works if you know someone RSVPed, but is not attending.

1. Befriend a publicist:
Do not take advantage of this and never show up with a group of people.


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Go inside the worlds of art, fashion, design, and lifestyle.

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