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Adidas Launches Real Madrid Third Jersey Made from Parley Ocean Plastic

In an exclusive event held at Hunter’s Point earlier this week, Adidas debuted the Real Madrid Third Jersey for the 2018-19 season, made (for the first time) from Parley Ocean Plastic.

During the event, a panel discussion took place, exploring the topics of plastic pollution, education, and the power of sport. On display throughout the event was an exhibit of past uniforms celebrating the success of past seasons, as well as a workshop presented by Parley for the Oceans informing guests about its program to take on marine plastic pollution.

Courtesy of Adidas.

At the conclusion of the panel, members of the Real Madrid team—including Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale—took the stage, unveiling the new kits. The brightly colored coral jerseys, inspired by the coral in the oceans that need our protection, will be worn by the team throughout the upcoming 2018/2019 season.

After the release of the Parley Ocean Plastic kits, Whitewall caught up with the captain and goalie of the Madrid team—Sergio Ramos and Keylor Navas—where we learned more about the collaboration as well as some of their interests off the soccer field.

Courtesy of Adidas.

WHITEWALL: How did the partnership with Parley for the Oceans begin?

 SERGIO RAMOS: This was done through Real Madrid, which is a world-renowned and very powerful brand. There’s a lot of collaboration in the world from people who want to change things in nature. It’s a great cause for the ocean.

Courtesy of Adidas.

WW: Keylor, what kind of impact are you hoping the Ocean Plastic kits will have?

KEYLOR NAVAS: I think the most important part is that this will greatly benefit both nature and the world. It’s helpful to create awareness and the fact that this will be our little contribution to the world—that’s great.

Courtesy of Adidas.

SR: I don’t think there’s a better team than Real Madrid in terms of spreading that message. Worldwide it can cause a lot of repercussions. It’s a good cause for the world, it’s positive, and there’s no better partner to help sponsor or help spread this message.

WW: Sergio, we saw you recently visited artist Eric Parker’s studio. Can you tell us about that and your interest in his work?

Courtesy of Adidas.

SR: Yes, it was a rather new experience since I got hooked on art about two years ago. I was in New York a few weeks ago to see a few artists and I saw Erik Parker. He’s great; he’s different. What he’s trying to show to the world; he’s a great person.

WW: Do you collect art? What artists do you follow?

Courtesy of Adidas.

 SR: I have a couple—some from Spain, some are international. Erik Parker, Peter Halley, Francesco Clemente, and a couple others.

WW: Keylor, ocean pollution is a big issue in Costa Rico, as well. What is your involvement with ocean pollution there?

Courtesy of Adidas.

KN: Yes, in Costa Rica a great majority of people are aware of what we have in terms of nature and the ocean. In Costa Rica, as we like to say, “Life is better in the ocean.” So, people do look after it, they are aware of this, and they know if we don’t look after this, it might be gone someday.


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